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Are you looking for a way to automatically e-mail a copy of a Sales Invoice and/or Purchase Order to your Customers/Suppliers?


The Burst functionality is available for JD Edwards World A9.2.X and later versions/releases and allows you to automatically distribute sales invoices and/or purchase orders requests/quotes to your customers and/or suppliers.


The idea is very simple, you execute one report and reach many customers or suppliers at once.


It also allows you to:

  • Define the Subject and the Body of the e-mail
  • Define the name of .pdf file that contains the invoice/purchase order/quote can also be personalized
  • If you do not know  BI Publisher, it is not a problem! You can use the .rtf templates that we deliver with our software.


This feature is currently available for the following Distribution programs:

  • Print Invoices (P42565)
  • Print Purchase Orders (P43500)
  • Print Quote Request (P43530)
  • Price Book - Advanced Pricing (P45510)


JD Edwards World uses Batch Export feature to create the xml file and Electronic Document Delivery (EDD) to burst. It is true that you need to be familiar with few Technical concepts, but do not be afraid, go ahead and try it!


For a burst setup example and additional information on Burst, check out Bursting Distribution Reports (Doc ID 1952552.1).

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