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Did you know that as of Worldsoftware Release A9.3, you can now incorporate costs from the Cost Revisions file (F4105) into a formula based adjustment?

  • When you set up a formula based adjustment in Price Adjustment Detail (P4072) you are now required to input a Cost Method.
  • You use field COUNCS to reference an F4105 cost in a formula.
  • The system knows to retrieve a cost from the F4105 based on the Inventory Cost Level assigned to the item in Item Master Information (P4101).

In addition, there are opportunities for you to incorporate sales order unit price (SDUPRC) into a formula, the value now retrieved is the most recent net price for the sales order line. Clients on A9.3 who want SDUPRC to represent base price can change the field to SDLPRC (list price).

  • Increased Security for Cost and Price Information
  • New Advanced Pricing Report
  • Improved Calculations and Formulas
  • New Functionality for Free Goods
  • Added Flexibility for Reprice Adjustments
  • Better Visibility for Rebates
  • Improved Usability


Given the new Increased Security for Cost and Price Information you’ll need to find another way to spend your time, instead of worrying.  Many the concerns can now be alleviated with the ability to do the following.

  • Suppress cost related fields in Customer Service Inquiry
  • Suppress price related fields in Customer Service Inquiry
  • Suppress cost related fields in Check Price & Availability
  • Set “No Base Price in Effect” Notification at Order Entry

To further put your mind on easy street, and eliminate the guesswork, you can now generate a report displaying the end price for each of your items after price adjustments are applied. The report also displays the individual adjustments used to derive the end price for each item. While you’re taking it easy make sure you rest your fingers and allow the system to print prices by customer, customer group, or by item for you.  Lastly don’t doubt for a moment that all this convenience can be yours even in conjunction with the Electronic Document Delivery system and BI Publisher.


Check out the added flexibility of our versatile World A9.3 Advanced Pricing functionality!  See World A9.3 Enhancements to Advanced Pricing(Doc ID 1451682.1).

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