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LearnJDE.pngAnnouncing #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne Tools Release with customer-driven enhancements and #DigitalTransformation features. Visit #LearnJDE for the full announcement.

JDE Infocus_white.pngJDEdwards #INFOCUS19 is a great place to connect with #JDEdwards experts from your industry or with others using the same products. Benchmark your strategy, learn new tips & tricks, hear about lessons learned, and ask all your questions! Quest Oracle Community

LearnJDE.pngRead our latest #JDEdwards announcement for customer-driven EnterpriseOne product features and new Tools release We are focused on enabling our customers journey to becoming digital enterprises.

Kathies -Oracle

LearnJDE: Use Cases

Posted by Kathies -Oracle Jul 18, 2019

LearnJDE.pngExplore what’s possible with #JDEdwards UX One by reviewing the new Use Case repository on Submit your solutions.

reports.pngRead this #JDEdwards whitepaper on how to setup data security for #EnterpriseOne HCM applications.  Visit #LearnJDE for the latest details.

JDE Infocus_white.pngAcquire the #JDEdwards skills you need at #INFOCUS19. Enjoy hands-on learning from our hands-on labs that complements your education schedule and keep your JD Edwards knowledge fresh. Quest Oracle Community.

YouTube.pngView this new tutorial to learn how to create an Orchestration for system administration. Visit the #JDEdwards channel on YouTube for the latest details.

Reader.pngThe JD Edwards Get Proactive Portfolio page has been updated with a new Now Trending article "NEW with Tools Release! Simplified Diagnostics Collector Tool Built Into Server Manager". Doc ID 1389028.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains why some deduction write-offs are created as document type RS rather than document type RC. Doc ID 2549345.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains the different types of components for Server Manager available on the Update Center. Doc ID 2549751.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document talks about the location that service request output is saved to and how the Temporary Directory in the rest.ini.

Reader.pngWhen installing the Platform Pack with the Load Production data option you might note that some tables (e.g. F0012) are installed with pre-loaded data. Doc ID 2551646.1.

training.pngLearn how to create no-code solutions for integrations, file transfers utilizing real-time processing and exchange external and/or internal data, create notifications and send messages service using #JDEdwards Orchestrator.

YouTube.pngWatch this new tutorial to understand how to associate Orchestrations and Notifications with events from interactive applications. Visit the Oracle JD Edwards channel on YouTube for the latest details.

IoT2.pngAutomation enables companies to re-allocate their resources towards innovative projects and digital transformation. Autonomy allows workers to focus less on what is already working and more on what can be done better.

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