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QuestIcon2.pngWith #JDEdwards Collection Manager UXOne role and associated components you can quickly view all important information and receive alerts helping you to be more proactive and efficient. Read more here -

QuestIcon2.pngJoin #JDEdwards AJ Schifano on September 30 in this Quest Oracle Community webinar to explore current challenges to running the business, and the tools and technologies available with #JDE to enable you to succeed. #Orchestrator

Reader.pngThe Income Statement UBE (R10211B) reads the data from the Account Balance (F0902) period buckets (Net Posting 01 - Net Posting 14) to create an accumulated total which is then printed on the report. If the period buckets are blank, then no amount is printed on the report. This new KM document explains why budget amounts might not appear on the Income Statement pdf. Doc ID 2577286.1.

Reader.pngThe changes in V2 and V3 of Orchestrator Studio are primarily with the output format of the orchestrations. This new KM document lists out the V2 and V3 outputs. Doc ID 2576320.1.

YouTube.pngSubscribe to the #JDEdwards YouTube channel to watch latest videos. Click bell icon to receive new content notifications -

QuestIcon2.pngRead this Quest Oracle Community blog listing all recent enhancements done for #JDEdwards Notifications -

QuestIcon2.pngEverything you need to know about the set up and use of Work Order Activity Rules for #JDEdwards Manufacturing. Attend this Quest Oracle Community session on September 19 presented by David Greiner, Oracle -

LearnJDE.pngDid you know that #JDEdwards #UXOne gives you choice and control to personalize and configure your user experience? Know more on LearnJDE -

Reader.pngThe 9.2 Planner ESU containing Bug 28891148, and Change Assistant version, introduced a change in the ESU process that enables automatically running *ALTER in ESUs and ASUs. This replaces most of the manual TCs (Table Conversions) shipped with ESUs. This change will only be seen in application release 9.2 ESUs built after August 1, 2019. There will still be some manual TCs in ESUs if the table change requires anything more than adding extra columns with blanks and zeroes. Doc ID 2554489.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document talks about contacting Support for after hours or weekend support for critical issues. Doc ID 2575808.1.

Reader.pngWhen using Personal Forms, some subforms can be hidden or removed, but others cannot. This new KM document explains why with examples and screen prints. Doc ID 2574885.1.

LearnJDE.pngThe first step to benefit from #JDEdwards digital technologies is to upgrade it to 9.2 release. Visit this LearnJDE page to know everything #JDEdwards has to offer and why you must upgrade -

OOW_2019.pngAttending Oracle OpenWorld 2019? Join #JDEdwards Jeff Erickson on September 17 to learn how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Autonomous Database can improve the operational efficiency of your #JDE investments -

QuestIcon2.pngJoin AJ Schifano from #JDEdwards for a week-long learning series starting on September 30 to know about #Orchestrator basics and strategy, its usage, and real-life use cases.

YouTube.pngSubscribe today to the #JDEdwards YouTube channel to stay updated with latest videos -

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