As the business grows over time, the volume of the transactions also goes up proportionally, leading to depletion of available disk space! This is more prominent for the Account Ledger (F0911) table, as numerous kind of transactions such as Inventory, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Contract and Service Billing etc. ultimately flow into the F0911 table. Retaining the historical data is equally important but sooner or later the system performance becomes a matter of concern.


EnterpriseOne Financials product provides flexibility to summarize, delete, or purge information from the system in order to increase disk space. Programs that summarize multiple records create a single record. This single unique record summarizes your transactions and replaces numerous detailed transaction records. This is followed by running a program that purges the original detail records being summarized.


The Summarize Transactions program (R09811) processes all posted F0911 records for summarization and selects the requisite data as per the processing options setup. The process creates a summarized ‘BF’ Document type record for each accounting period, ledger type, account id, currency code, subledger, or subledger type.


Post summarization, you must run the Purge Prior Year JE's program (R09911) in order to purge the summarized transactions and copies them into F0911P Purge table.


Please do note that:

  • Summarization process will add records temporarily. You must purge and reorganize simultaneously to make more disk space available.
  • The Purge Prior Year JE's program (R09911) purges only records from the F0911 table. This program does not purge corresponding records in other systems, such as Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable. To avoid integrity issues between General Accounting and other systems, contact your system administrator to develop a plan to purge corresponding records.


Benefits of Reorganizing and Purging Data:

  • Boosts System Performance and User Productivity
  • Reduces Downtime
  • Avoids frequent upgrading of hardware
  • Improves overall efficiency of your business
  • Speed up migrations by reducing the volume of data to convert
  • Ensures agility in your disaster recovery plan


For more information on Summarization process for Account Ledger, you may refer to the Overview of Account Ledger Summarization (Doc ID 664797.1).

For more information on Purge process for Account Ledger, you may refer to Overview of Account Ledger Purge (Doc ID 664786.1).