untitled.bmpDid you know that a formula can be used to calculate the largest (MAX), the smallest (MIN), or the average (AVG) of a range of specified values? Formulas can be used to define complex price structures.


  • MIN functionality selects the smallest (MINimum) value from the list the user provides.
  • MAX selects the largest (MAXimum) value from the list the user provides
  • AVG provides the AVeraGe of all the values provided


Functionality introduced beginning in release 8.12 of EnterpriseOne provides the ability to look at a simple list of integers, any of the 32 supported fields in a Sales or Procurement formula,  or from a sequence of Variable tables (P4075).


Check out the added flexibility in our  versatile Advanced Pricing functionality!  See Formula Functionality in Advanced Pricing - Sales (Doc ID 1357902.1).