balance.jpgIn JD Edwards EnterpriseOne,  transactions impacting inventory must create balanced entries in the Item Ledger (F4111) and the General Ledger (F0911) in order to maintain the integrity between these two tables. Examples of inventory transactions can be: Inventory Adjustments, Inventory Transfers, Sales Update for a Sales Order, the receipt of a Purchase order, the completion of a Work Order, etc.


Sometimes, discrepancies occur. It is important to identify and correct these discrepancies to ensure that the Item Ledger and the General Ledger are kept in balance.


The existing Item Ledger/Account Integrity (R41543) report is based on DMAAI setup, which limits its functionality, as the link between the inventory transactions and the previous G/L accounts is lost if users change the DMAAI setup.


New functionality has been introduced in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.1 Update 2 that simplifies the reconciliation process between Inventory and G/L by means of the following key features:

  • There is a new flag (GPF1) introduced in the Account Ledger (F0911) table that identifies the records corresponding to inventory transactions. This flag is automatically updated to ‘1’ for the F0911 records created by new inventory transactions.
  • There is a new batch process (Inventory to G/L Reconciliation Update/R41501) that can be used to flag the F0911 records created by inventory transactions that occurred prior to the implementation of this functionality.
  • A new batch process (Automatic Inventory to G/L Reconciliation UBE/R41500) allows to automatically reconcile transactions without a variance.
  • A new Interactive application (Manual Inventory to G/L Reconciliation/P41500) allows users to review, reconcile and un-reconcile the Item Ledger and Account Ledger transactions. Users can select adjusting journal entries to reconcile transactions with variances.
  • Both the Item Ledger (F4111) and the Account Ledger (F0911) will be updated with reconciliation information when transactions are reconciled. In the Item Ledger, the Reconciliation Date will be updated. In the Account Ledger, the Reconciliation Code, Reconciliation ID and Reconciliation Date will be updated.


9.1 Enhancement - Inventory to G/L Reconciliation Process (Doc ID 1678098.1)