Rounding2.jpgWhen using Match Voucher to Open Receipt (P4314) to voucher match a multi-currency order with retainage, a mismatch between the F43121, F43121T, F0911, and F0411 can occur resulting in R09801 post failing and producing an R09801E Out of Balance Post Error Report.


A new processing option has been added to Match Voucher to Open Receipts (P4314) to address the small variance calculated during voucher match.



Before the enhancement, rounding issues existed when a logged voucher was matched with purchase order lines that included. Additionally, before the enhancement, rounding issues existed when a non logged voucher was matched with retainage entered at voucher match. Taxes were calculated for one single amount of the logged voucher while the purchase order may contain many lines. A small difference may result between the logged voucher total amount and the amount posted to the general ledger. For non logged vouchers, the small difference may results when retainage is calculated for the amount during voucher match.


A difference caused by the prior logged voucher issue is calculated by checking the amount of the voucher and comparing it with the total of the general ledger amount. This entry is recorded in the purchaser order detail account (DMAAI 4332) depending on "Voucher Match Variance Account" flag (ON/OFF) in Line Type Constants. The difference is recorded only when the Last Chance Variance is ON in the P4314 processing option.


For non logged voucher, the difference is written to the purchase order detail account (DMAAI 4330) when the processing option Account For Rounding Differences in Process tab of P4314 is populated with a value and the difference is within the value in the processing option.


Note: Only the above mentioned rounding scenarios are handled in this bug. Scenarios such as large amount variances caused by changing an amount during voucher, variances caused by changing the exchange rate during voucher, and/or variances caused by changing tax amounts during voucher are not handled under this bug.


To obtain the enhanced functionality, install the ESU for the following Bug: