Folks, The wait is Over. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Application and Tools Release 9.2 is out for grab                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Here is a brief outline of the salient features included in this major Release:


Data Encryption:

Added functionality to encrypt sensitive data in the .ini files used by JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

  • Uses Site Key
    • Site key configured on Security Server
    • Gives each customer a different set of  AES encryption keys
  • First usage of new encryption
    • EnterpriseOne passwords in INI files
    • Vertex passwords in database

OUI Installer Changes for Release 9.2:

  • Deployment Server
    • Install Types: Full and Custom
    • Java (for use by EnterpriseOne runtime) removed from installer - Prompt for Location, Copy Into Place
    • OC4J Directory Removed – Replaced with JAS Folder
    • Tools Release installed with Server Manager.
  • Platform Packs (Windows/UNIX, iSeries)
    • Install Types: Full and Custom
    • Java (for use by EnterpriseOne runtime) removed from installer - Prompt for Location, Copy Into Place (Windows/Unix Only)
    • Prompt for Database Security User/Role
    • Database Script Updated to Remove *PUBLIC Permission
  • SM Console
    • OC4J Option Deprecated
    • Java (for use by EnterpriseOne runtime) removed from installer
    • WAS Prerequisite Automation
    • Remove CCR/OCM
  • SM Agents
    • Java (for use by EnterpriseOne runtime) removed from installer - Prompt for Location, Copy Into Place
    • JMX Security – Populate properties file
  • Development Client
    • New OEESetup.Exe (Oracle 12c)
    • GPS: Enhanced Local Database Password
    • OC4J Directory Removal – Replaced with JAS Folder
    • ReconfigureDB Renamed/Replaces ReconfigureMSDE
    • Snapshot Update
    • WASH4A
      WAS7 Removed as Option
    • WLSH4A (new)
      Deploys H4A to Local WebLogic Server Instance

Simplified Upgrade:


  • Changes Method of Object Update
  • Only new objects and changed objects from previous base release will be installed
  • Retrofit effort minimized to only customized JDE objects changed between release
  • Reduces testing time and effort



Management of User Defined Objects(UDOs):


  • UDOs refer to web objects you create using the EnterpriseOne web interface.
  • UDOs are personalized objects that you can create for your own use or share with others,
  • Depending on the permissions you and others have been granted.
  • Each UDO is saved in EnterpriseOne and can be managed like other EnterpriseOne objects.


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.2 introduces a unified life cycle management process to manage web objects.


  • This release enables you to more easily:
    • Share objects you create.
    • Secure objects so you can create, share, and view them.
  • And also enables you to:
    • Package objects.
    • Transfer objects between path codes.


Type of UDOs:



Grid Formats

Composite Application Framework (CafeOne)

EnterpriseOne Pages

One View Reports (OVRs)

One View Watchlists


Documentation Links


For details on above mentioned outlined points, please go through the documentation links provided below.


JD Edwards Resource Library: New Releases and Initiatives


My Oracle Support

  • Information Center: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 (Doc ID 2039111.2)
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.2 Known Issues and Workarounds (Doc ID 2062196.1)

Required Components:


  • Review Required Components for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.2 (Doc ID 2054020.1)
    • Tools is MANDATORY Tools Release for 9.2 Application install/upgrade and TOOLS ONLY Upgrade
    • New Planner ESU (JN10011) Change Assistant/Configuration Assistant components (3.0.10)
    • New Mandatory ESU: 9.2 Applications and Foundation Roll Up ESU        
    • New ASU for Management of User Defined Objects for Tools  Only Upgrade
    • New JDE E1 9.1and 9.0 Tools Application Enhancement ESUs for Tools 9.2 and ASI for Tools Only Upgrade