cash_receipt.gifYou may have attended on October 15th, 2015, the Advisor Webcast on A/R Post and how to troubleshoot post failure issues. Or maybe you saw the MOSC thread on the webcast, Whether you have or haven’t, I thought that it is an important enough topic to discuss here in the blog as well.


To successfully post A/R transactions you need to set up the following:

  • The PBCO constant and the Intercompany Settlements constant in the G/A Constants (P0000)
  • The Manager Approval of Input constant and the Offset Method in the A/R Constants (P0000)
  • The processing options of the various R09801 versions for posting A/R transactions


To post an A/R batch you can select it from within Invoice Journal Review (P0011), Draft Journal Review (P0011) and Receipt Journal Review (P0011), and then select row exit ‘Post by Batch’. Or you can go to Batch Versions (P983051W), select the R09801 version you need and use data selection to post your batch.


Which version of P0011 you use depends on which type of A/R batch that you are going to post:

  • IB for Invoices
  • RB for Cash Receipts
  • DB for Draft Receipts


When the post program (R09801) posts the batch, it does the following:

  1. It selects the data that belongs to the batch from the various tables
  2. It validates this data and any other information, such as constants, G/L accounts, business units, AAIs, etc
  3. It creates automated entries (document type AE)
  4. It updates the Taxes table (F0018) if applicable
  5. It updates the posted codes of the records belonging to the batch and of any new ones created by the post in the General Ledger (F0911)
  6. It updates the balances of the G/L accounts in the Account Balances table (F0902)
  7. It updates the batch status in the F0011 to D


When the post encounters a problem it stops at Step 2 and does the following:

  • It sends messages regarding the error to the Work Center (P012503)
  • It writes errors on its PDF, also known as the post-edit-report
  • It creates the Post Detail Error Report (R09801E) if the second processing option on the first tab of the processing options of the R09801 version that was run, is set to a 1 (one)


Other tools to troubleshoot a post failure are the records of the transactions in the batch from the various A/R tables and from the F0911 (if applicable), as well as the logs, the jde.log and jdedebug.log.


For more detailed information, you can play the recording of the webcast or review a PDF of the presentation. To find these:

  1. Go to knowledge article Advisor Webcast JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Schedule and Archived Recordings (Doc ID 1450327.1)
  2. Click on the tab named ‘Archived 2015’
  3. Scroll down to October 15
  4. Then either click on the webcast title ‘JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Posting Accounts Receivable Transactions: How to resolve posting issues.’, or on the recording or PDF links for this webcast.


You can also review these knowledge articles for more information on the R09801:

  • Understanding Invoice Post Process Within JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Accounts Receivable (R09801) (Doc ID 1967296.1)
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