Competency Management within the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Human Resources module will allow you to feel confident that your organization is competent.


Competency Management is defined as a method of categorizing and tracking the qualifications that employees possess that make them competent to perform their job duties.

There are two types of competencies:

  • Employee
  • Job

Employee competencies pertain to skills, education, languages, certifications, licenses and training, etc.  While job competencies are more broad and can consist of communication, accounting, safety, training and much more.

The benefits of utilizing competency management are:

  • Provide clear, detailed expectations for employees
  • Illustrate how each employee fits into the organization
  • Create a searchable database
  • Job requirements are consistent within organizational levels
  • Assess employee performance compared to job requirements
  • Assist in creating the employees career goals and objectives

To learn more about JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Competency Management Fundamentals, refer to the Advisor Webcast:  Competency Management Fundamentals.  By accessing the link for the webcast information you can obtain the power point presentation as well as the recorded session.