Announcement.pngUPDATE - P1 Defect Bug Found for Interest Form - 1099 ESUs are on HOLD (December 2nd 2015)


These ESUs are currently on hold at this time. If you have taken the ESU already and you do NOT prepare 1099-INT (Interest) forms you are okay.    If you plan to prepare 1099 INTEREST forms then you will need to wait and install the new ESU once it releases.


Release 9.2 2015 Base Bug 21900469 ESU JN10175*

Release 9.1 2015 Base Bug 21900448 ESU JM18813*

Release 9.0 2015 Base Bug 21900478 ESU JL23482*


1099: Market Discount (6A) and Bond Premium (6B) Amounts Are Incorrect  On the 1099 Interest Form (R045154) (Doc ID 2084695.1) for Defect Bug details.

1099 Update - Releases 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2 new ESUs are now available!!

Release 9.2 - JN10231

Release 9.1 - JM18911

Release 9.0 - JL23507


We will update this thread campaign 2015 1099 - "Get Ready Campaign" - Live Growing Discussion for the 2015 Tax Reporting Season! once the new ESUs are available.