CA ICON.pngThe Oracle Technology Stack provides the foundation for this application. Change Assistant allows a single point of entry to facilitate administration of software updates & fixes. This application utilizes a navigational tree to help manage your deployment processes and enhance your search capability over Update Center and My Oracle Support information.


  • The Change Assistant tool allows a single point of entry to facilitate administration of software updates & fixes
  • Change Assistant centralizes and economizes the process of searching, identifying, downloading, and deploying many types of software fixes (e.g., ESUs, Tools Releases, etc.).
  • Release independent JAVA-based tool but greater functionality in newer release.
  • Processes remain same (i.e., applying an ESU) Change Assistant makes process easier.
  • Can also be used to deploy Business Accelerators (OBAs) and Configuration Solutions (created with Configuration Assistant).

The change Assistant can be downloaded from the update Center.

  1. On Update Center home page click on the “Download the Change Assistant Application”.

CA Download.jpg

   2. Install the JAVA and then Change Assistant.

CA Download1.jpg

Java Download page :

JAVA Download Page.jpg

Change Assistant Download:

Change Assistant jnlp Save File.jpg


  1. Double Click on the Change Assistant downloaded file.
  2. Set Preferences in Change Assistant :

User Id: Oracle update Center/SSO  User ID/Email

Password: Oracle Support SSO password

User Name: Your User Name

Email: Email Address


Click Next

  • Default Timeout in Millisecond is 30000
  • Number of Retries: 5

         (Keep it As it is)


  • Enter Download Directory where all the Updates ( ESUs, ASUs, ASIs ) will be downloaded on your machine at the time of deployment.
  • Selecting “Include Dependencies” will download and deploy dependent ESUs automatically.


  • Enter the Log Directory for Change Assistant:


  • Accept the Terms of Use and Click Finish


For further details on Change Assistant. Go through the below mentioned documents :

  • JD Edwards Diagnostic Tools: Change Assistant (Doc ID 2012571.1)
  • Change Assistant Overview and Benefits (Doc ID 1536620.1)

For details on troubleshooting the Change Assistant Install issues :

  • Troubleshooting EnterpriseOne and World Change Assistant Tool Installation (Doc ID 637515.1)

For details on troubleshooting the Change Assistant Launch Issues:

  • Troubleshooting Errors And Known Issues Found When Launching Change Assistant (Doc ID 1264247.1)

In case you are facing some issues other than what are recorded in above documents or My Oracle Support documentation, please raise a Technical SR with the

  • How to create a Technical Software Service Request (SR) (Doc ID 1321379.1)