The difference between a lot controlled item and a serialized item is that  quantities for receipt or shipment from a lot number are only limited by availability. It is not possible to receive or ship a quantity greater than 1 of a specific serial number.


EnterpriseOne provides two methods for managing serial numbered items. One method, the older method. stores a serial number in the Serial Number (F4220) table, which has a one-to-many relationship with the Item Location (F41021) table. The second method, the newer method, stores the Serial Number in the Lot/Serial field (LOTN) in the Item Location (F41021) table. Using the newer method, it is possible to track a both a lot number and serial number by linking to the Memo Lot 1/2/3 (LOT1/LOT2/LOT3) fields in the Lot Master (F4108).


The differences in setup and functionality of the two methods of serial number control are significant and are explored  in greater detail in our new knowledge document Lot Processing and Serial Number Control (Doc ID 2094021.2).