A Transfer Order is an internal sales order used to transfer inventory from one warehouse (branch) to another. The Transfer Order program (P4210) creates both a sales order in the "From Branch", the shipping branch, and a purchase order in the "To Branch", the receiving branch.


Transfer Orders (ST/OT) are designed to be used to move quantities from one Branch/Plant to another. Non-stock items, direct ship items and other items that do not have quantities in the Item Balance (F41021) table are not appropriate for transfer orders and are  not supported. Also, kits containing a parent item with K stocking type and a bill of material with component items are not supported for Transfer Orders. The individual component items can be used for transfer orders provided the line types meet the line type requirements for Transfer Orders.


The default document types created for transfer orders are ST (sales order) and OT (purchase order), and are often referred to as an ST/OT order. When a sales transfer order (ST) order is created, the purchase transfer order (OT) is also created, regardless of whether the "Generate Purchase Order" flag is activated or not in the line type constants (P40205). Additionally, the Transfer/Direct Ship/Intercompany field (SDS011) in the Sales Order Detail file (F4211) is marked with a '1', indicating a transfer order.


Transfer Orders have unique setup considerations compared with regular customer sales orders which will be discussed in detail in document Transfer Order (ST/OT) (Doc ID 2094796.2).