Why Standalone ?

The Standalone version of the EnterpriseOne is intended to provide a hands-on limited view of how the EnterpriseOne software functions. This software is intended for limited demonstration purposes and to review basic functionality of the EnterpriseOne software. In addition, no development or acceptance testing should be performed on a standalone version.  All specifications are local on a standalone version and there is no check-in functionality.  Therefore, if the software needs to be reinstalled, any work that has been performed will be lost. Typically if errors are encountered on a Standalone version, the only resolution for the errors is to reinstall the software.

For customer support purposes, any issue that is encountered when testing or developing on a standalone version will be attempted to be duplicated on a full client/server version of the EnterpriseOne software.  If the issue can be duplicated, it will be reported.  If not, then the customer will be advised to test the issue on the full version of the EnterpriseOne software rather then on the standalone version.  Oracle Global Support does not support software issues encountered on a standalone version of the software.

Where can the Software for Standalone 9.2 be downloaded from?

The software for Standalone 9.2 with Tools Release 9.2.x is available ONLY in the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud web site.

Search Criteria:

               Product - "JD Edwards EnterpriseOne System Foundation

               Platform - "Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)" and Click Continue

               On Available Releases pane Select the option:  JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications for Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)

               Click Continue, accept the "Oracle Standard Terms and Restrictions"

               On the File Download window. Scroll the list to section "JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Standalone ("

               Download the required files

Installation Pre-requisites

               1. Certifications: For standalone, adhere to same Certifications as the Development Client.

               Steps to check the Certifications :

    • Login to My Oracle Support (MOS) Portal
    • Access the "Certifications" tab
    • On the Search tab , select below criteria:
      Product: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Development Client
      Release: Select the appropriate Tools Release - eg.
      Platform: Any
    • Hit Search button
    • On the Certification Results pane , under View Menu, select Expand all

               2. Remove any existing installation of standalone or OEE . Refer Deinstalling the Standalone Client or the OEE Database (optional)

               3. Visual Studio Runtime Libraries
                     32-bit versions of Visual Studio 2010 and 2013 runtime libraries are required for Standalone 9.2 Client. You can download these from below links:

Visual Studio 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

Visual Studio 2013 Redistributable Package (x86)

Further, if building business functions on the Standalone Client then the full product version of Visual Studio 2013 and the freely-available Windows SDK are also required. Refer section "Understanding the Requirements for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne" from Standalone 9.2 Installation Guide.

4. Weblogic Application Server

The Standalone Client supports only the Oracle WebLogic Server application server as the web engine for local web. Installation instructions for Weblogic Server are described in section "Installing the Application Server: Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.3" in Standalone 9.2 Installation Guide.

                     Go to Oracle Software Delivery Cloud,
                      Product : Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition
Platform : Microsoft Windows (32-bit),
                      Download the Oracle Weblogic Server (

               5. Oracle Database client 32 bit
                     The 32 bit Oracle client is required for standalone to connect to Oracle database. Refer to  "Working with the Oracle Database Client" in Standalone 9.2 Installation Guide for steps to download and install.


How to Install Standalone 9.2

The installation document for Standalone 9.2 can be accessed through below link:
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Standalone Client 9.2 Installation Guide

Reference Documents

  • EnterpriseOne Demo Standalone 9.2 with Tools Release 9.2 Information and Troubleshooting (Doc ID 2062240.1)
  • Frequently Asked Questions on the Standalone Installation of EnterpriseOne (Doc ID 645293.1)
  • Complete Reference For DEMO/ Standalone Installation, Troubleshooting, and Frequently Asked Questions (Doc ID 1085839.1)