Automatic Table Cache Refresh is an enhancement added with release 9.1 Update 2. This new feature provides for the automatic clearing of certain table caches when updates occur. This will enable data to be changed and made available to users without the downtime previously associated with this process.


Many applications that update data in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne have been modified to enable this automatic clearing of the table cache. A typical example of such an application is the Company Constants (P0010) application. Table caching is a feature within JD Edwards EnterpriseOne that improves the performance of many applications. This is done by caching tables that are very often accessed for many processes to limit the number of database operations. These tables contain setup data such as constants and master tables. The main characteristic of cached tables is that the data in these tables does not change on a regular basis. One limitation of table caching is that if data is updated, users do not have immediate access to the new information.


In order to use this feature it is necessary to obtain the modified code for each application where the feature is used and to do some specific set up.


For the list of bugs check document Oracle Announces JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 Automatic Table Cache Refresh (Doc ID 1595627.1).


And for the setup details check the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne System Administration Guide (27.3 Resetting Database Table Cache Using a Pre-Configured Application), link from 9.1.x Tools manual.