Several new enhancements have been released for the EnterpriseOne financial modules.


FASB/Revenue Recognition: Allow customers to comply with the FASB/Revenue Recognition standard.  These enhancements are in addition to the previously delivered Revenue Recognition enhancements.  Accounts Receivable customers will now be able to:

  • Utilize a batch process to recognize all the review for an invoice
  • Recognize less, more, or none of the revenue for an invoice
  • Remove an invoice from the recognition process
  • Reverse a previous recognition
  • Run integrity reports over the recognition data


More information can be found in knowledge document: E1:03B: New Enhancement Release 9.1 and 9.2 – FASB/Revenue Recognition (Doc ID 2165868.1)


Expense Management: Two new enhancement were added to allow entering summary expense reports and enter credit card expenses for both tablet and smartphone:


  • Entering a Summary Expense Using the Mobile Expense Entry
    • You enter a summary receipt expense when you have multiple expense items on a single receipt. For example, while on a business trip, you might receive a single bill from your hotel that includes charges for your lodging and several meals. You use the summary expense process to enter these types of expenses on an expense report.
  • Entering Credit Card Expenses Using the Mobile Expense Entry
    • If your organization is set up to enable you to automatically include expenses from your credit card(s) on your expense report, you can view and select credit card expenses to add to your expense report.


More information can be found in knowledge document: E1: 09E: New Enhancement As Of Release 9.2 – Enter Summary Expense Reports and Enter Credit Card Expenses (Doc ID 2165589.1)


Accounts Receivable: Allow zero or negative value receipts to be included in the automatic receipts process in order to resolve the following issues:

  • To clear a credit memo with a negative value receipt.
  • To match a negative or zero value receipt to several invoices and credit memos that add up to a negative or zero amount.
  • To clear a zero dollar invoice with a zero value receipt.


More information can be found in knowledge document: E1: 03B: New Enhancement As Of Release 9.2 – Process Negative Receipts Using Automatic Receipts (R03B50) (Doc ID 2165328.1)