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Learn more about different ways Quest can enhance your Oracle and ERP experience. Most recently, Quest has worked to build a relationship with the Oracle Digital Team.  If you are looking for help to maintain and continue investing in your on-premise Oracle ecosystems, the Oracle Digital team can help with everything from adding licenses to investing in the newest JD Edwards release. Read the Quest blog for more details.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne recently released an array of new features for a major customer experience upgrade. One of the key enhancements is the Form Personalization feature. A new training video is now available for the Form Personalization feature. Personal Forms empower businesses to optimize JD Edwards applications to display relevant information based on roles, industry, and individual preferences without requiring IT or a developer to customize the application. Find the Creating Personal Forms tutorial in the JD Edwards Resource Library along with other new content for UX One.

You only have a few minutes, and your needs some high-level quick information about the latest JD Edwards capabilities? The new JD Edwards UX One and Cloud flyers provide a quick and easy way to capture and share the JD Edwards strategy for user experience and cloud. As a bonus, the flyers include links to additional resources. Read and show them to your customers and prospects.

Nucleus Research’s ERP Technology Value Matrix for 2016 shows Oracle’s JD Edwards maintaining its position as a leader in the ERP Value Matrix. With the latest improvements announced in the November 2016 release, JD Edwards remains one of the most comprehensive functional solutions on the market. JD Edwards continues to invest in helping customers keep pace and leverage the latest technologies in the cloud-centric market.


Read the full article: Nucleus ERP Technology Value Matrix 2016.

The latest generation of IaaS brings a new level of speed to business operations at a much lower cost. And not only that – IaaS also offers the flexibility to handle the broadest possible range of applications and data with minimal management.  All crucial capabilities for organizations who want to try new things, expand into new areas, and innovate. Read the latest blog by Pascal Giraud, Senior Director IaaS Foundation and Cloud Platform, Oracle EMEA to see why Oracle’s IaaS Solution should be part of your business toolkit:

Oracle Cloud and JD Edwards Release 9.2 offers enhanced deployment choices to innovate in the digital economy, and enables JDE EnterpriseOne customers to run their business their way.

Business transformation is an intricate, multiphase evolution—and there are no shortcuts! Gartner has identified 5 phases that companies go through in transforming supply chains. Read more to find out what they are:

Read how Andrew Sordam, Vice President, Oracle EMEA, compares businesses to football teams and why to grow both, they must diversify, restructure, and be responsive to change. The value of Cloud across the business is increasingly understood, and it’s no surprise that a growing number of IT departments aspire to being cloud first. Organizations have the right to expect their technology infrastructure provider to be hospitable to as many applications and services as possible. Read more:

Oracle JD Edwards continues as a Leader in the ERP Value Matrix 2016 according to a recent Nucleus Research report. With the latest batch of improvements announced in November 2016 as part of the Tools 9.2 Update 1, JD Edwards remains one of the most comprehensive functional solutions on the market.  Recent improvements to the UX with JD Edwards UX One, which includes 32 role-specific views on top of the ability to personalize and configure the solution to optimize use, have pushed the solution higher on the usability axis. Other improvements in Tools 9.2 Update 1 demonstrate Oracle’s commitment to its JD Edwards customers, many of whom have tailored their ERP solution such that it is part their competitive advantage and how they differentiate. Read full report here:


View this YouTube video where Chris Chelliah, Group VP and Chief Architect, Core Technology & Cloud, Oracle APAC, talks about the far-reaching benefits of using Oracle Cloud and its hybrid solution in the move to digital transformation.

For businesses to be competitive during this time of transformation, they must increase the speed with which they innovate around new digital initiatives. This requires a willingness to identify and implement new ways of working and demands higher levels of collaboration and communication between IT and other parts of the business. Read more in this Harvard Business Review article brought to you by Oracle:

Customers now have an unprecedented opportunity to get a deep dive into digital transformation: how it makes business more efficient and enables customers to deploy more resources more quickly for the creation of new products and services. Attend the new partner-led Digital Transformation workshops to enable your business to fully explore and take advantage of the JD Edwards digital platform.  Read the Attitude@Altitude blog for details about workshops and registration. Find information about the JD Edwards digital platform and the workshops on LearnJDE.

Lyle Ekdahl, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle JD Edwards, explains how JD Edwards helps customers take advantage of digital transformation technologies to seize new business opportunities. This is a must-read for you and your customers. 

JD Edwards today announces a significant product release to empower our customers on their journey to becoming digital enterprises. These enhancements provide companies with deployment choices, industry-focused applications, and transformative solutions to innovate in the digital economy and to run their business their way. In response to our customers’ feedback, Oracle is announcing new application and tools features for a major customer experience upgrade for EnterpriseOne applications. Available today for EnterpriseOne are JD Edwards UX One, EnterpriseOne Search, an updated Release 9.2 Trial Edition on the Oracle Public Cloud, and Tools 9.2 Update 1. Also announced today are EnterpriseOne Mobile applications enhancements, new Sales Order Management Order Guides, and Health and Safety updates.

The Sales Order Entry (P42101) application functionality for Edit Full Header button will be revised to match the functionality in P4210. The new P42101 functionality brings more consistency between P4210 and P42101 for users.


Upon further review by Oracle Support and Development teams, Enhancement Bug 18867917 will now be implemented as a Code Bug and the ESU is expected to be available by January 3, 2017.


Prior to the change, only changed header values were pushed to newly added detail lines when the Edit Full Header button was invoked.  Existing lines retained their original values.


Now when using the Edit Full Header button, revised values will be pushed to all detail lines in both Add and Update modes.


The revised functionality is included in the following bugs:

9.1 Bug 18867917

9.2 Bug 25218246


P42101 Edit Header Changes Not Auto Updating Detail (Doc ID 1678566.1) has more information on this change.

Year-End Processing

The JD Edwards Year-End activities are in full effect.  Year-end processing pertains to US and Canadian Payroll and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


The ESUs for year-end processing are available for download.  Please refer to the following:


Payroll (US-07Y and Canadian-77Y)

2016 Year End Electronic Software Update (ESU) Information for US (W-2s) and Canadian (T4s) (Doc ID 743162.1)


ACA (08Y)

2016 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Electronic Software Update (ESU) Information for 1095-C and 1094-C Reporting (Doc ID 2183688.1)


Note that there may be multiple ESU deliverables. Please bookmark the above mentioned documents for future reference.

Health and Safety Incident Management (54HS) has been enhanced to include additional flexibility for filtering incidents by establishment, updated notifications to include incident date and time, and expanded color coding for incident severity.


Case Inquiry (P54HS210) - The Establishment field default is optional

The following changes were made to the Establishment field:

  • Changed the processing option and filter field so that Establishment is no longer a required field and wildcard search is allowed.
  • Added a processing option to lock the Establishment field to optionally disable the search field.
  • Added a processing option to default the Establishment from the logged in user's establishment defined in supplemental data Code E, Type EN.


Management Incidents (P54HS00) - More colors are available for Incident Severity

8 more colors (lack, Blue, Navy, Maroon, Purple, Green, Teal and Silver) have been added to the Incident Severity. When the color is labeled in the special handling code of the UDC 54HS/SV, the incident severity on the Manage Incidents form will highlight using that specified color. The highlight displays on the Incident tab, the People tab, and the Equipment tab.


Incident Notifications (P54HS02) - Date and Time notifications added to incident notifications templates

LMHS001, LMHS002, LMHS003, LMHS004, LMHS005 - Data Dictionary was updated to include incident date and time.

N54HS130 - Send Incident Notification was modified to include the incident date and time on the Send Message definition.

  • Send Incident Notification - Incident Time added to D54HS130
  • Send Task Notification - Incident date and time fetched from F54HS01.
  • Send Task Reminder - Incident date and time fetched from F54HS01.

P54HS02 - Incident Notifications was modified to fetch the incident time from cache and pass it to the Send Incident Notification function.


Refer to Usability Enhancements (Doc ID 2207040.1) for details and examples of the new functionality.

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