Health and Safety Incident Management (54HS) has been enhanced to include additional flexibility for filtering incidents by establishment, updated notifications to include incident date and time, and expanded color coding for incident severity.


Case Inquiry (P54HS210) - The Establishment field default is optional

The following changes were made to the Establishment field:

  • Changed the processing option and filter field so that Establishment is no longer a required field and wildcard search is allowed.
  • Added a processing option to lock the Establishment field to optionally disable the search field.
  • Added a processing option to default the Establishment from the logged in user's establishment defined in supplemental data Code E, Type EN.


Management Incidents (P54HS00) - More colors are available for Incident Severity

8 more colors (lack, Blue, Navy, Maroon, Purple, Green, Teal and Silver) have been added to the Incident Severity. When the color is labeled in the special handling code of the UDC 54HS/SV, the incident severity on the Manage Incidents form will highlight using that specified color. The highlight displays on the Incident tab, the People tab, and the Equipment tab.


Incident Notifications (P54HS02) - Date and Time notifications added to incident notifications templates

LMHS001, LMHS002, LMHS003, LMHS004, LMHS005 - Data Dictionary was updated to include incident date and time.

N54HS130 - Send Incident Notification was modified to include the incident date and time on the Send Message definition.

  • Send Incident Notification - Incident Time added to D54HS130
  • Send Task Notification - Incident date and time fetched from F54HS01.
  • Send Task Reminder - Incident date and time fetched from F54HS01.

P54HS02 - Incident Notifications was modified to fetch the incident time from cache and pass it to the Send Incident Notification function.


Refer to Usability Enhancements (Doc ID 2207040.1) for details and examples of the new functionality.