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pastedImage_0.pngDiscover object usage across your enterprise and understand the impact of EnterpriseOne updates.   

  • Wouldn’t it be great, if you could easily track who is accessing your ERP system?
  • What are the objects that are being accessed?
  • When is there peak load on the system, or what would be the best time to patch, based on low user volume?
  • Can you identify which customizations are unused, so that you could eliminate the need to maintain these customizations?
  • Is there a reliable way to determine what will be the impact on your environment, if you take an update, before taking the update?


It has been a long standing request from our Customer base to be able to track the usage of the JDE EnterpriseOne objects. With E1 Tools Release, it will be possible to track who is accessing which Applications and UBEs at what times and in which environments.


Object Tracking and Impact Analysis functionality answers it all.

  • Object tracking captures users accessing EnterpriseOne
  • Object Tracking captures  the objects accessed by users
  • Object Tracking has out of the box analytics component for system load
  • Impact Analysis identifies customization used in your environment
  • Impact Analysis identifies objects used, frequency of usage for impacted objects


The below pictorial representation depicts the Object usage Tracking functionality offered with Tools Release and its key Feature.



What is planned for the future:

  • BSFN/NER tracking
  • Turn ON/OFF at Object type/Product Code level
  • Exclusion list for commonly accessed objects
  • Summarization by User or Role
  • Mockup of the JET page with Analytics for Impact Analysis ( Picture Below)



With this analytics in place you can:

  • Plan your upgrades/updates more efficiently
  • Visual tool helps determine the impact of applying ESUs
  • Improved visibility of customizations
  • Plan for retrofits
  • Analyze testing needs

Check this Video representation :

Check JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Software Updates Guide for details on Objects Usage Tracking.

The assignment of a Tax Rate/Area to an Invoice, Sales Order, Voucher, or Purchase Order has been based upon the value provided in the Business Unit, Customer, or Supplier master. In the European Union, tax rates are different based upon the type of transaction as well as the origin and destination countries. This enhancement allows for an alternate method of assigning the Tax Rate/Area. This method is optional and can be turned on for specific companies as well as countries. The alternate tax rate/area assignment feature enables you to define the default tax rate/area to use based on a combination of the following fields:

  • Company
  • Ship From Country Code
  • Ship To Country Code
  • Transaction Source
  • Customer or Supplier Number


To find out what ESUs to apply for this feature check document JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Globalizations: Localizations, Translations, Certifications/Registrations (Doc ID 752291.1). The detailed description of Alternate Tax Rate Area Assignment is in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Tax Processing Implementation Guide.

As consumers, we already have hands-free technology for managing our lives using virtual assistance, including requesting travel information, controlling the lights and changing settings in our homes. So why not apply the same technology to managing an enterprise with JD Edwards applications. Watch this series of videos presenting possible uses of a JDE Virtual Assistant for automating business processes in an evolving workplace.

Check out the user experience enhancements JD Edwards has delivered in UX One. The 12 additional roles added in the April release raise the number of role-based solutions to 50 with additional enhancements and new navigation capabilities. You can leverage the out-of-the box tools and role-based content offered with UX One to personalize and simplify the user experience and improve productivity.

JD Edwards has delivered a new software release that includes a wide range of enhancements from user experience and mobile to tools features, platform certifications, and legislative/regulatory enhancements. Read the Announcement for an overview of what you can expect from this release.

A new video playlist of the most recent JD Edwards solutions is now available on the Oracle JD Edwards channel on YouTube. Explore the solutions overviews that illustrate your organization’s possible Journey to Success with JD Edwards.

The JD Edwards Ideathon at COLLABORATE was a great opportunity to showcase what citizen developers can do with the JD Edwards intuitive user experience. Share this example with your customers to show them how they can be empowered with JD Edwards.


Congratulations to Heather Phillips from Little Rapids Corporation, the COLLABORATE17 winner of the JD Edwards Ideathon! Heather developed an Online Work Order as a single source for all work order information, eliminating errors as well as paperwork. This solution brings JD Edwards to the point of process by allowing the machine operator to take complete responsibility for all data entry for the work order. Join us in congratulating Heather for this achievement.

JD Edwards recently updated LearnJDE! The new Search capability enables users to find JD Edwards content more rapidly. Use the search for your most important keywords and discover all the relevant documentation, video, and social content needed to be an agile and productive user of JD Edwards. Try the new site and provide your feedback on the new intuitive design.

Looking for collateral to illustrate the role of Internet of Things (IoT) in digital transformation? We wanted to share this new eBook with you. It explains how you can drive digital transformation in their organization by taking advantage of the convergence of mobility, automation, and analytics that comprise IoT. JD Edwards gives customers the tools to unlock the business potential of IoT.

With the EnterpriseOne 9.2 release, JD Edwards has delivered an ERP platform that helps customers steer their business in the digital economy. Since the release became generally available, there have been over 2,400 unique company downloads of the highest-quality release ever delivered.


Read the latest Quest Q&A where Dawn Baker, Oracle Vice President of JD Edwards Product Development, discusses how solutions from Oracle and JD Edwards can help customers build a holistic, scalable innovation platform that tightly integrates connectivity, security, automation, and analytics for true digital business transformation.


JD Edwards logo-2017.pngIt’s not too early to invite your customers to JD Edwards INFOCUS in Denver on August 14-16.  This is the deep-dive JD Edwards-specific conference for technical and functional users. Attendees will find in-depth sessions for EnterpriseOne and World and will network with customers, partners, and the trusted JD Edwards professionals.

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