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Reader.pngStarting with Tools Release there is a new jas.ini setting that will allow the user to choose between using table F98MODAT to store new media object files or use the old method of storage on a file system accessed by Windows Share or FTP. The purpose of the new ini setting is to facilitate the upgrade and maintain all media objects in the same place if R98MODAT conversion cannot be run during the upgrade. This new KM document provides information about where it needs to be set in the JAS.INI and the values for the setting. Doc 2295043.1.

This new KM document provides information about what displays on the Submitted Jobs Information UBE (R986114A) and how you can run it using the Submitted Jobs Details Driver UBE (R986114). Doc 2299517.1. Reader.png

OOW.pngTake advantage of the conference sessions, hands-on demos, and special events designed to help you excel in your role and build practical skills. Use this opportunity to network with Oracle Support experts and your peers, all in one place and with one purpose—to help you succeed.


Monday Mix - Meet-up at the annual My Oracle Support Monday Mix, Oracle Support's unique customer appreciation event that complements the sessions and demos you'll attend all week at Oracle OpenWorld. The Mix is October 2, 2017 at Fang Restaurant on Howard Street. Connect with Oracle Support executives and engineers over drinks and hors d'oeuvres from 6:15 to 8:30 p.m. Admission is free for Premier Support customers with event badge and photo ID. View the Mix flyer for more details: 


Stars Bar and Mini-Briefing Center -  Meet us at the Oracle Support Stars Bar this year and bring your toughest technical or configuration questions on any "Support Stars Bar" at Moscone West, booth 5153 on October 2–4. Find out more at the Stars Bars OpenWorld website:


Representatives from JD Edwards Support - in addition to being at the conference and participating at the Stars Bars and demos, a couple of our JDE Support folks will be presenting at Oracle OpenWorld this year:


* Julie O'Shea (Product Release Manager) will be presenting "UX One 9.2 Installation and Troubleshooting - Lessons Learned" [CON6407] Wednesday at 4:30 PM in Moscone South - Room 153. Sessions catalog for JDE:


* Arun Chellathurai (Tech Support) will be presenting a 10 minute Mini-Briefing Center session "You and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Support- A Great Partnership!" Tuesday at 1:30 PM near the Stars Bar. They're giving away prizes at the Mini-Briefing Center! (under the "Attend to Win section")

This new KM document talks about the different between choosing the synchronous option vs. the asynchronous option when copying routes in the Using Routes application (P4950). Doc 2294741.1. Reader.png

A Springboard Pane is a collection of tasks available to a role. The tasks launched from the Springboard Pane can be EnterpriseOne applications, batch programs, ADF application and One View Reports. In order to view a task in the Springboard the end user must have the required permissions that includes menu filtering, task view security and security workbench set up to allow access. This new KM document provides information about the springboard pane with E1 pages available with Tools Release 9.2.1. The document starts with an overview and how to use the springboard, then provides information about the Working with Task Index Builds (P90013) application and an FAQ section. Doc 2298218.1. Reader.png

This new KM document provides instructions to setup the drill back feature in One View Reports including: an overview, minimum requirements, setup, and the protocol / JAS server information for the URL. Doc 2296956.1.

New KM documents have been published for troubleshooting Shop Floor Control issues: Reader.png

   * Troubleshooting Outside Operations Purchasing or Receipts Doc ID 2297308.1

   * Troubleshooting Performance with Work Order Repost (R3190)  Doc ID 2300247.1

   * Troubleshooting Inventory Issues (P31113) Doc ID 2299272.1

   * Troubleshooting Work Order Routing (P3112) Doc ID 2300241.1

   * Troubleshooting Work Order Parts List (P3111) Doc ID 2300229.1

This document provides an example of how to add multiple detail lines using Orchestrator Studio and then test it using Orchestrator Client. Doc 2294593.1.


This new KM document provides a better understanding and tips for resolving an "Intercompany Out of Balance" error when attempting to post an invoice batch. Doc ID 2298299.1.


   UBE - Subsystem Jobs – What are they and Do They Increase Efficiency?

Imagine working at a batting cage where your sole responsibility is to pitch the baseball to all customers that are practicing batting. Your shift is 8 hours and you have to continuously pitch the baseball to customers. Eventually the muscles in your arm tire and you become exhausted and the same can be said about UBE processing on your system.


In contrast to the example above, when a UBE is run separately it must complete a series of initialization steps such as selecting an environment and loading specs. These steps must be completed each and every time the UBE is submitted also exhausting system resources such as CPU and RAM which is where a subsystem job is the better option.


What is a Subsystem UBE Job and how does it save system resources?

The Subsystem UBE Job loads the environment and specs only once and basically hibernates and checks for items to run as opposed to a scheduled UBE, for example, that would have to load these things each time it is submitted.

Use subsystem jobs to:

  • Off-load processor resources
  • Protect server processes
  • Perform repetitive and frequent processes to maximize output throughput


For additional resources regarding Subsystem UBE Jobs please see the following KM documents:

E1: SS: Overview of Subsystem Processing in EnterpriseOne (Doc ID 1265778.1)

E1: 40: Subsystem Processing (Doc ID 625418.1)

This new KM document goes through the necessary steps to upgrade the JDK version for Server Manager agents. Doc 2300116.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains the process behind reporting consumption through Inbound Product Activity Data (852). It starts by covering required fields for header, detail and SDQ revisions, then provides an example with screen prints. Doc ID 2297866.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides some information about virtualizing the Deployment Server. Doc 2301144.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains the different values for the Process Mode Processing Option in the Employee Master Update UBE (R06394), specifically what the difference is between "1 - Final Mode No Edit" and "2 - Final Mode Full Edit". Doc 2300097.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document goes through the necessary steps to upgrade the JDK version on a 9.2 Enterprise Server. Doc 2300110.1.

Web Mail Merge enables creation of HTML letters for one or multiple employees. Some examples of standard letters that are available: application confirmation, COBRA self-administration letter, benefits statement, etc. This new KM document provides steps needed to perform web mail merge. Doc ID 2297811.1. Reader.png

Reader.pngFor clients who process a large number of open orders through Auto Fulfillment (R4277701) on a daily basis, the Load Balance Auto Fulfillment (R4277711) program provides an opportunity to improve performance and throughput. The purpose of the Load Balance Auto Fulfillment (R4277711) program is to divide the work performed by large/single runs of Auto Fulfillment (R4277701) into multiple smaller runs processed concurrently.

This new KM Document provides an overview, then provides information on Load Balance Auto Fulfillment (R4277711) program design, an example of setup and processing, and then has a section on performance considerations. Doc ID 2298228.1.

Reader.pngAs of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.1, Oracle delivers software updates to address new joint standards for recognition of revenue issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). Both include tabs for: Setup, Setup and Invoices, Invoice Post, Revenue Recognition, Integrity - Revenue Recognition Invoice to Account Ledger, Revenue Recognition Audit, and Table Overview.

* Knowledge document "E1: 52: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Revenue Recognition Enhancement for Contract Billing (FASB)" (Doc ID 2299666.2) contains information about this new functionality for the Contract Billing module.

* Knowledge document "E1: 48S: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Revenue Recognition Enhancement for Service Billing (FASB)" (Doc ID 2297257.2) contains information about this new functionality for the Service Billing module.

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