In the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Fulfillment Management system, you can score order lines to determine the priority in which the system fulfills inventory.


The system can assign a score to order lines in two ways:

  1. At the time of Sales Order Entry (P4210) using Processing Option # 26. Fulfillment Management Scoring (R4277702) under Versions Tab
  2. Using Batch Program (R4277702) to update the score value of multiple order lines based upon the data selection


One of the factors that R4277702 uses to calculate the score on order lines is 'Sold to customer priority' in Customer Master (P03013) application.


If you change the customer priority in Customer Master and rerun R4277702 on existing orders to re-calculate the score, the score will not change. But if you add a new sales order, R4277702 will calculate the score correctly based on the new customer priority.


To find out how to re-calculate score on an existing sales order please see R4277702 is not Re-Calculating Score on a Sales Order (Doc ID 2323830.1).