Are you using the customer credit limits and credit hold codes to effectively manage accounts receivable?


Credits granted to your customers are similar to financial loans.  Effective use of the credit limit ensures that the amount of credit granted a customer aligns with the financial abilities of each customer.


Setting up a credit limit on a customer account does not mean that new sales orders cannot be created for the customer. In EnterpriseOne, credit holds can be setup based on the customer's credit limit or based on the age of open accounts receivable.  A credit hold on a customer's sales order(s) will prevent further processing of the order, to reduce your risk.  You don't always want to ship items to customers who are poor payers, customers with a history of late payments or missed payments.


Did you know that you can record information for credit insurance policies (insured credit limit) in EnterpriseOne?


Don't get caught with large noncollectable accounts receivable balances. Review the functionality available in EnterpriseOne in Credit Checking (Doc ID 2319760.2).