Reader.pngThe Inbound Condition-Based Alerts Inquiry (P1310Z1) is accessed from EnterpriseOne menu G13CBM311. This application can be used update and review information that was added to the F1310Z1 table from the Inbound Flat File Conversion batch program (R47002C), or to simply add a new inbound record manually. The Inbound Condition-Based Alerts Processing (R1310Z1I) batch application copies transactions from the Unedited Condition-Based Alerts table (F1310Z1) and populates the Condition Based Alerts table (F1310). Depending on the settings in the batch application’s Version tab, the system can initiate other downstream Condition-Based processing. This new KM document explains how to add an install base record using the Inbound Condition-Based Alerts Inquiry (P1310Z1) and the minimum fields necessary. Document ID 2346377.1.