This blog will help to download and apply the WLS Path for the issue mentioned in Unable To Access E1 Main Menu Screen After Clicking Login or Stuck on Login Page for JAS Instance Configured with WebLogic Server - (Doc ID 2185160.1)

Note : This blog is created based on the below E1 Setup configuration, steps may vary depends upon your setup configuration ( OS and WLS version ..etc).

E1 Setup configuration:

Application Release           : 9.2

Tools Release                    :

Application Server version :

Application Server OS        : Windows 2016 R2


Steps Involved in this Installation

  • Download WLS Patch 26197278 from Patch and Updates
  • Pre-Installation Instructions
  • Installation Instructions



Download WLS Patch 26197278 from Patch and Updates We can download weblogic patches from support portal --> patches and updates. Enter the Patch number as 26197278 then hit search buttonSelect the Patch then click on Download

Save the file in local drive then extract the zip file


Pre-Installation Instructions

Before trying to apply the WLS patch , make sure to complete the below tasksSet Environment variable : Add the opatch location K:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\OPatch to PATH variable


Stop Admin Server , Managed Servers and Node manager


Installation Instructions

Follow the below steps to apply the WLS Patch:

  1. Run CMD as administrator user
  2. Type opatch version --> This should display the version as shown in the screenshot
  3. Navigate to the Download location of the Patch  ( C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\p26197278_122120_Generic\26197278)


Now type opatch apply (enter y to continue the installation)

WLS Patch installed successfully! ( Now start the HTML Server and test the issue)

Best Regards,

Karthickrajan K