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* E1: ESU: Understanding ESUs Installs - Software Updates (ESUs and ASUs) Under the Covers - Updated to EnterpriseOne 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2 (Doc ID 2388199.2)
Software Updates is the process for applying Electronic Software Updates, or ESUs, and Cumulative Software Updates such as E1 9.1 Update 2, sometimes also referred to as Application Software Updates (ASUs).

* E1: ESU: Information and Troubleshooting Spec Merge UBE R98700 PDF During an EnterpriseOne Software Update (ESU or ASU) Install (Doc ID 2387976.2)
This knowledge document is designed to direct you through understanding JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Specification Merge UBE R98700 during a EnterpriseOne Software Update (ESU or ASU) Install and troubleshooting Known Issues while running Spec Merge R98700 job.