Basket level adjustment can be applied over multiple lines of an order within a product grouping. Basket adjustments are applied based on  amount, quantity or weight attributes of a group of order detail lines and calculates the adjustment based on information accumulated from all the lines in the group. It then updates each item's price with the price adjustment.


It can be applied to both sales orders starting EnterpriseOne release 8.9 and purchase orders starting EnterpriseOne release 9.2.

Please see Basket Pricing for Procurement Enhancement Available (Doc ID 2290155.1)


Enhanced baskets are an additional, more flexible option provided in addition to basic basket repricing, they do not preclude the use of the basic basket repricing functionality.


This  feature enables the creation of item-level (including item group-level) adjustments for the items in an enhanced basket so that various discounts can be applied to the items or item groups rather than applying one standard adjustment to the entire basket.


The complexity of the basket is determined by a matrix with 9 possible combinations and the outcome for 3 parameters that are set in UDC:

  1. ‘inclusion’ (whether the item is considered part of the basket or not)
  2. ‘accumulation’ (whether a minimum quantity/weight/monetary amount of an item must be entered to qualify for the adjustment)
  3. ‘exception’  (whether the system applies the standard adjustment or the "Adjustment Per Basket Item" record)


For more functionality and setup details please see Enhanced Baskets (P4550/P4071/P4072/P4210) (Doc ID 625666.1)