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Well some of them can. Sometimes you create a new Sales Order and you try saving it and in a few minutes you get an ASYNCHRONOUS BUSINESS FUNCTION ERROR. What happened?


It happened that usually connections to all of the ports in the range are opened by the firewall. And the firewall has an idle timeout setting.



If these connections are not used for the duration of  the connection idle timeout on the firewall or the timeout is to short, then the firewall drops the connection.



When the P4210 or P42101 subsequently tries to save the Sales Order sending traffic across these connections, the firewall does not allow the traffic, because the connection has been  dropped  and there it is: ASYNCHRONOUS BUSINESS FUNCTION ERROR while trying to save your Sales Order.



And this can be a real headache ...


For more about this error and what needs to be checked please see:  Async BSFN Failed And Need Roll Back (Doc ID 2423818.1)

You can use credit reimbursements to reclassify credits in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Accounts Receivable system to open vouchers in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Accounts Payable system. For example, you can issue rebates and reimburse customers for overpayments. When you generate credit reimbursements, the system pays open credit memos and generates vouchers to reimburse the customer.


Credit reimbursements are generated based on the grouping of customer, company, and currency combination.


Note: In addition to the credit reimbursement process, you can use the AR/AP netting process to bilaterally reclassify transactions between Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. The difference between the two functionalities is that Credit Reimbursements is one-way, closing A/R transactions and creating A/P ones, whereas AP/AR Netting is two-way. See Document 8500361.1 for more information on AR/AP Netting.


More details on how this process works, common issues and troubleshooting tips could be found in:

  • How To Generate Credit Reimbursements In EnterpriseOne Accounts Receivable (R03B610/R03B620) (Doc ID 663716.1)
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Credit Reimbursements (R03B610, R03B620) (Doc ID 945017.1)


Reader.pngThree new KM documents have been created for the Project Costing area:
* New tabbed document: Job Cost Methods of Computation Calculation and Rollup Doc ID 2411915.2
* 40 Percent Rule (Changing from Mid-Year to Mid-Quarter) when 40% of the Assets are Purchased in the Last Quarter of the Year Doc ID 2412905.1
* How To Transfer Asset Locations for Specific Quantities (P1204, P12215) Doc ID 2414511.1

Reader.pngJD Edwards EnterpriseOne provides all software with a base language of English. Alternate languages can then be installed using the Installation Planner or using Change Assistant. And, when Updates are provided for the software, language updates may be installed for the language changes. This new KM document contains troubleshooting information and known issues for the installation and update of alternate languages for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Doc ID 2408673.2.

Reader.pngA new Information Center has been created for Application Interface Services (AIS), Application Development Framework (ADF) and Orchestrator in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. The tabs contain setup and configuration documents, How To documents, and problem and bug documents for these different components. Doc ID 2406204.2.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides an overview of the Inventory by Vessel View application (P31B81) as a search tool as well as a method to create operations. Doc ID 2409264.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides detailed information about vessels used in the blending facility, such as tanks and dip charts, barrels and containers as well as barrel styles and updates. Doc ID 2406072.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document talks about the P43XPI version and related Processing Options when used with Business Service JP430000 (processPurchaseOrderV2). Doc ID 2415783.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains the steps to specify a JOBQ that links to a different subsystem in the StartAgent command for an iSeries server. Doc ID 2415265.1.

Reader.pngThe best way to omit Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE) so that it is not populated in the Single Touch Payroll (STP) XML file is to use the ‘Personalization’ features of BI Publisher and comment out the OTE from the XSL file (AU STP XML File.XLS). This new KM document provides the steps and screen prints to show you how. Doc ID 2414800.1.

Reader.pngCustomers setting up One View Reporting (OVR) with Cloud may be required to use the Private IP address and port number in the soft coding vs. using the Public IP Address. This new KM document has instructions. Doc ID 2414507.1.

Reader.pngThis KM document explains that Support Assistant is no longer available for download or support. Read the KM document for more details. Doc ID 2422375.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides steps to identify and recreate standard OCM records that may be missing after running the Environment Director (P989400) or Installation Workbench run to create a custom environment. Doc ID 2414329.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how to use JD Edwards Data Access Driver (DAD) to connect to the database using third party tool RazorSQL. Doc ID 2414058.1.

The Voucher Match Automation (VMA) process enables invoices to be matched automatically to purchase order receipts, and for vouchers to be created.


The process creates a voucher for each line on a supplier invoice. This processing enables the system to process individual supplier invoice lines that have receipts ready to  be matched.

VMA makes it possible to set up and run an automated process to:

  • Create logged vouchers (optional).
  • Perform a 3-way voucher match to redistribute a previously created logged voucher.
  • Perform a 3-way voucher match to create a new voucher.
  • Suggest matches for invoice and receipt lines so that the user can review them prior to approving and performing the match.
  • Ability to create logged vouchers so that customers can book their liability earlier, as well as pay their suppliers prior to the receipt of goods.
  • A single batch job that can be run on a scheduler to process all of your captured invoices.
  • Manual processing is needed only for those invoices that cannot be matched automatically.
  • Improve productivity by:
    • Automatically matching invoices to purchase orders.
    • Optionally automatically creating logged vouchers.
    • Allowing customer’s staff to  deal only with exception invoices.
  • Improve customer-supplier relations:
    • Shorten invoice cycle time - pay the suppliers sooner.
    • Negotiate better payment terms .


The voucher match automation process makes it possible to automatically match invoices to purchase order receipts, and to create vouchers.


More information about the Voucher Match Automation (VMA), the different rules and the benefits of each one, can be found in document Doc ID 1499920.1.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has been enhanced to provide barrel import functionality in the Blend Management product (E1 9.2).  Now, VBT Movement Details (P31B66) has been modified to allow importing of barrels into the ‘To VBT' grid.


The columns that were disabled by default have now been enabled for import and disabled after the records are added to the grid. This new functionality saves users valuable time and improves the accuracy of the data imported.  Especially, during the time of year when winery’s transfer wine from tanks to barrels and there is a large quantity of data to be managed.


To obtain this new functionality, apply the ESU containing Bug 25696777 - NO IMPORT EXCEL GRID DATA PROPERTY IS AVAILABLE IN P31B03S AND P31B66 FORMS, for EnterpriseOne 9.2 Release.


For more details, please review document: “Introducing E1 9.2 Barrel Import Enhancement In Blend Management” (Doc ID 2356414.1).

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides steps to manually migrate a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne install from one set of machines to another. A lift-and-shift is basically swapping out all machines of an on-premise install. See Doc ID 2413278.1 for details.

Reader.pngEffective 1 July 2018, employers with 20 or more employees are required to report payments such as salaries and wages, PAYG (Pay As You Go) withholding and Superannuation information directly to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). This new reporting is referred to as Single Touch Payroll (STP). STP is based on pay period and concludes the payroll process, thus reporting is done after processing payroll and making payments to employees.

This new KM document explains how to process STP and also links to ESU information. Doc ID 2412525.1.

Premier Support for Oracle JD Edwards is extended through at least 2030, reinforcing our commitment to customers and product innovation. A stable and predictable long-term support policy enables customers to maximize and expand their existing investments with ample time for future planning. Read this FAQ for answers to common questions around Oracle policy on Premier Support for Oracle JD Edwards.


Oracle Premier Support for EnterpriseOne – FAQ


For more information on Continuous Innovation releases, please visit the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Releases page.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how to resolve "CER ERROR #3066: Variable Scope Mismatch" that may be found in the Event Rule validation log after changing the scope of an Event Rule variable in Form Design Aid for an application. Doc ID 2411223.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document describes the three options to control how the Web Development feature starts on a development (fat) client machine. Doc ID 2410416.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document talks about different scenarios that may happen with a UBE when a business function fails. Doc ID 2405904.1.

Reader.pngFive new how-to documents have been created for Contract and Service Billing topics:

Reader.pngNew KM document explains how to download the latest AIS_Client_Java_API. Doc ID 2403678.1.

Reader.pngVertex, Inc. has released Version 4.2.7 of Quantum for Payroll. There are no JD Edwards code changes required. Vertex Release 4.2.7 can be applied to your environments without an associated JD Edwards ESU. For specific details about the release, please refer to Vertex ( KM Doc ID 2413507.1.

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