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Reader.pngWhen logging a new Service Request (SR) with Oracle the request may be submitted to “automated file validation”. This new KM document describes this automated feature and is intended for users that enter or work with Service Requests via My Oracle Support for issues that require supporting data to be attached to the SR. Doc ID 2418428.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document is a comprehensive overview of work orders and templates in the Blend and Grower Management module. Doc ID 2417559.1.

This new KM document contains the XML layout for EU OECD SAF-T VAT - V2.0. Doc ID 2417506.1. Reader.png

Reader.pngThis new KM document has the suggested best practice method to correct a voucher that has been created against an incorrect purchase order. Doc ID 2416891.1.


For the JD Edwards system administrator and users who would like to have an overview of Server Manager. The latest informational video document is Server Manager Overview [Video] (Doc ID 2426878.1).


The following topics are covered along with brief demos:

  • What is Server Manager
  • Server Manager Architecture
  • Server Manager Components
  • Server Manager Roadmap
  • Latest Features
  • Installation Overview
  • Related Documentation

Happy Learning!

We are really excited about all the new functionality that JD Edwards has to offer for new FASB ASC 842 / IASB IFRS 16 requirements.  Revenue Recognition, Straight-line Rent, and Lessor Balance Sheet for Property and Non-Property are currently available for 9.1 and 9.2 software releases, along with new batch processing functionality.


There are a number of new UX roles that have also been incorporated in the 9.2 release. 


We are currently working on the next Lease Management functionality that will allow changes to be made to existing leases and creating the necessary updates to the appropriate tables.  This will be available at a future date, yet to be determined.


Information on these changes can be accessed from JD Edwards Real Estate Management (FASB ASC 842 / IASB IFRS 16) (Doc ID 2356624.1 ). This document provides links to ESUs via bugs listed in the document. There are also links to view Advisor Webcasts and LearnJDE, which is a great tool to use to learn all the new functionality, from webcasts to how to videos.

Manufacturing works with Actual Cost 09 items, which may need extra costs added to their base (09) costs. Extra costs can be added to Actual Cost (09) items using the Cost Components (P30026) application (Form W30026B) Enter Cost Components even though Actual Cost items do not have nor use frozen costs. Since Actual Cost items do not have Simulated and Frozen costs, X (extra) costs will be added manually directly into the P30026 as simulated and frozen values which neither require running R30812 (Simulation) and R30835 (Freeze).


  • Both Simulated Net Added/Simulated Total and Frozen Net Added/Frozen Total can be added as the application P30026 will open the frozen fields based on the cost method being used 09
  • Also, Factors and Rates can be used.


The cost type values can be user defined from the UDC 30/CA. All cost types must be identified in UDC 30/CA and cannot be A, B or C as these are reserved (hard coded) for Material, Labor and Overhead. Specify amounts for the extra costs to use and populate both Simulated Net Added/Simulated Total and Frozen Net Added/Frozen Total, which will be available to populate as mentioned before. Otherwise, Simulated Rates/Simulated Factors can be used to establish an X cost.


Note: As stated above the Simulation R30812 or Freeze R30835 do not have to be run as Actual Costed items do not have frozen costs.


For more information please see Actual Cost Setup for EnterpriseOne (Doc ID 798903.1).

Reader.pngWhen adding E1 Find/Browse Form in a composite page the dialogue displays the option "Automatically Find on Entry" which is enabled by default. This option can be deactivated to prevent unnecessary searches before the search criteria have been defined by the user. However when adding power browse forms the option "Automatically Find on Entry" is not displayed. This new KM document provides more information and an enhancement bug entered requesting the ability. Doc ID 2429028.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides steps to find the launch status for a job that is scheduled in the Scheduler (P91300) applications. Doc ID 2428001.1.

Reader.pngSome jde.ini values are hard coded after a new package is installed. For example, the StartAppServer parameter always gets set to 'IMME' after a package installation. The purpose of this new KM document is to explain how you can include a feature in a package that will update any jde.ini values after the package is installed. Doc ID 2426847.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document contains a video to give a high level overview of Server Manager. It includes information on what Server Manager is, the architecture of Server Manager, its components, roadmap and gives a detailed demonstration on the latest features in Server Manager. Doc ID 2426878.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document outlines the steps to update the Weblogic admin server password. Doc ID 2426372.1.

The Order Preparation Days Preference enables the automatic calculation of the days between the Scheduled Pick Date and Promised Ship Date, on the sales order detail line. Promised Ship Dates are updated based on the Promised Delivery Dates and the “transit days” and/or “lead days” specified on the routing for the load’s routing option.


Hence, in a transportation sales order, the dates are recalculated depending on the shipment, route and load setup.


If the Order Preparation Days (16) Basic Preference is activated and "Lead Days" and "Transit Days" are blank in the route, then the transportation setup will not overwrite the dates in the transportation sales order, when the shipment is
routed. This is a case when the transportation sales order dates established by Order Preparation Days Preference (16), will not be changed and this preference works with Transportation .


More information and examples can be found in the following KM documents :

  • Basic and Advanced Preference Profile Overview and Setup (Doc ID 1665439.2)
  • Working with Routes and Rates in Transportation (Doc ID 2262516.2)
  • Order Preparation Days Preference Does Not Work With Transportation (Doc ID 1948899.1)

Does your Warehouse have multiple receiving docks where you receive the goods based on different carriers or suppliers? Do you have certain docks where you receive only particular items?


Did you know that you can set up the system to display different receiving locations based on items, supplier, carrier, mod of transfer information? Similarly, you can ship from different docks based on combinations of different fields.


For more information please check the Warehouse Preferences - Multiple Shipping and Receiving Locations (Doc ID 625555.1)


Please note these features are available only with the Warehousing Management turned on.

Reader.pngMany orders are captured in JDE system after they are physically shipped i.e. post facto. So the orders and the related shipments are back dated in JDE. When JDE is trying to apply the above mentioned payable freight rates to these back dated shipments, it is picking the correct Base Rates as per the shipment date, but for Fuel Surcharge component is picking today’s rate (and not the rate as per the shipment back date). This new KM document explains the logic behind how the rate is determined. Doc ID 2424001.1.

Reader.pngThis new document explains how you can find the support APIs for your Tools Release level. Doc ID 2422887.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document has instructions for enabling the process recorder in UDO Action Security. Doc ID 2421746.1.

Reader.pngThis KM documents explains how a suspense account can be used when handling payment activities when payments are done by a third party. Doc ID 2420815.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document addresses the question 'Why do records remain in the Item Manufacturing Data (F4101M) table after deleting Item Master (F4101) and Item Branch (F4102) records?'. Doc ID 2420295.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document talks about JSON formatting requirement and potential workarounds. Doc ID 2420215.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document shows how to create a report on the BI Publisher server using non-JDE sample data to test functionality. Doc ID 2417567.1.

Reader.pngThe Create Payment Control Group PDF (R04570) has been enhanced to provide a better user experience for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne releases 9.1 and 9.2. The enhancement allows Accounts Payable users to more easily validate banking information when running electronic funds transfer payments. Doc ID 2418789.1.

INFOCUS.pngWhile you're planning your visit for this year's INFOCUS conference, remember your friends from the JD Edwards Support organization will be there. Stop by our booth to say hello, provide feedback or ask questions. The Development team will be at the Support booth at the Monday and Tuesday evening receptions doing demos and available for questions as well.

I'll be at as many of the SIG meetings as I can get to. And, consider adding these sessions by experts from Support to your training schedule:
* "Security Options for the Output Generated by JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Reports", by Srini Deme #JDE-105530
Monday, August 20| 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM | Governor’s Square 17 |

* "JD Edwards World: Change Assistant – Locate Completed Bugs and Software Updates for your JD Edwards", by Tamara Beardon #JDE-105340
Monday, August 20 | 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM | Governor's Square 10 |

* "Manufacturing Multi-Facility Requirements Planning with Availability Checking", by Larry Burton #JDE-105420
Tuesday, Aug 21 | 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM | Governor's Square 11 |

* "Working with E1 Pages", by Yannick Melendez #JDE-105540
Tuesday, Aug 21 | 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM | Governor's Square 17 |

* "Accelerate Your Success on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with JD Edwards Support", by Justin Walker and Jon Green #JDE-105420
Wednesday, Aug 22 | 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM | Governor's Square 11 |

* "JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Revenue Recognition in Real Estate Test Case", by Sheryl Wilcox #JDE-105840
Wednesday, Aug 22 | 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM | Grand Ballroom |

Check out the INFOCUS page on Quest's site for registration, a show program, agenda, and links to the education sessions.

Reader.pngThis new KM document discusses how the Convert Media Objects to HTML text program (P98MOHTM) application works. Doc ID 2411356.1.

Reader.pngTwo new FAQ documents have been created in the Real Estate Management area:
* FAQ for Lessee Balance Sheet Accounting Doc ID 2408059.1
* FAQ for Changing a Date Pattern in Real Estate Management Doc ID 2414425.1

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