In the Orchestrator Studio, you can create a Connector Service Request to Call external REST Service.


In this blog, we will be using a free REST API for Currency Conversion from


Sample Input -


v6/Convert API takes input as FromCurreny_ToCurency


Sample Output -

















Using Orchestrator Studio, we will be calling v6/convert REST API and pass parameters at the run-time to get the output.


Step# 1 - Create Connector


Login into Orchestrator Studio and click on Tools option.




Click on Connectors -




here we need to fine Connection properties for external REST system and save it -


Type - External REST

Endpoint -


Note - This API doesn't require authorization. if required Authorization can be defined under the Security tab.

Also, if you are using a proxy server then it can be defined under the Proxy tab.



Step#3-  Creating Connector Service.


Click on Service Request and select Connector -



Here define the connector details and select the connection name which we have defined in previous steps.

Also, define the parameter to the REST API.

Example - here q is the parameter for this API



You can also quickly test this service using the Test button.




Test result Output -



Step 3# Creating Orchestration and map input variable.


Now, we will map the created Connector Service to Orchestration and map variables.




Click on the drop-down and select the previously defined Connector Service.






Notice the Variable ${From_To} is displayed as an input to Connector Service Request -




Now, define Orchestration Input and map to the variable from Connector Service Request.




Testing -


Login into Orchestrator Client and select your Orchestration from the drop-down list.

Orchestration input variable will be displayed under INPUTS.


Example - Enter the value as usd_inr for converting currency from USA to India.


Reference -


check for the available list of countries and currency.

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