You can automatically debit (withdraw funds from) a customer’s bank account by updating an automatic debit file that you send to the bank that collects payment from the customer using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). The automatic debit process records the receipt at the time the file is updated. You run a program to format the file according to the bank’s specifications, and then send it to the bank by copying it to a medium or sending it electronically. The bank collects payment from the customer and then notifies you that the transaction is complete. Automatic debits work well in situations in which you invoice predefined amounts every month. You can also use automatic debits with invoice amounts that vary with each billing period. The steps involved in processing automatic debits are as follows:

  1. Create invoices
  2. Create a batch of automatic debits using Create Automatic Debit Batch (R03B571).
  3. Process automatic debits in final mode:
    • Creates Receipt Header (F03B13) and Receipt Detail (F03B14) records.
    • Updated the Automatic Debits Batch Control (F03B571).
  4. Update Automatic Debit Invoice Select & Build table (F03B575).
  5. Format the batch of Automatic Debits
  6. Update the Automatic Debits Standard Formatted Tape table (F03B57OW).
  7. Copy F03B57OW table to media (and send to the bank).
  8. Purge Automatic Debits


    • Select the customer invoices to be paid.
    • Build and update worktables that are sent to the bank.
    • Update customer invoices as paid.
    • Format automatic debit information to meet country-specific bank requirements.
    • Copy automatic debit information to a medium to send to the bank, or transfer automatic debit information electronically.
    • Purge automatic debit batches.


    • Auto Debit Invoice Select and Build (F03B575).
    • Auto Debit Standard Formatted Tape File (F03B57OW).


Note: Country-specific functionality for processing automatic debits exists for certain countries. For more information relating to EMEA globalizations, please visit the ‘JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Globalization site, Document 752291.1. This site provides details about country specific localizations, translations, announcements about upcoming plans and other helpful information.


More details on how this process works, common issues and troubleshooting tips could be found in:

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