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There are times when batches do not complete in Service Billing or Contract billing and it is necessary to troubleshoot the options on how to correct the issue.  Frequently Asked Questions Active Batch Status /Interrupted Invoice Batch (Doc ID 633116.1) has recommendations on what the base tables are that are required to be reviewed and some recommendations on how to resolve the issue.


If you are interested in exactly which fields are updated as a contract billing record is processed see How the F4812 Table is Updated by the Contract Billing Process (Doc ID 1679292.1) gives an explanation of the fields and values that are updated in the F4812/F4812H as a record is processed through contract billing.  This is very helpful, when it is necessary to reset a record that does not exist in the F4812 or one that cannot be void in the normal process.

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Reader.pngThis new document contains frequently asked questions about retainage at Voucher Match / Match Voucher to Open Receipt application (P4314). Doc ID 2523360.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides information that no JD Edwards code changes are required for this new release of Vertex's Quantum for Payroll release 4.3. Doc ID 2522352.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides information about the filing status changes and the new ESUs required to implement the changes to your JD Edwards software for the changes. Doc ID 2520593.1.

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Reader.pngThis new KM document explains the life of a token created to access AIS and the lifetime settings. Doc ID 2522434.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains the Processing Options for Match Priority that are on the Invoice Batch Processing UBEs (R03B50D and R03B50E). Doc ID 2522347.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document talks about the UK announcement "UK - Making Tax Digital for Business (MTDfB)" and the Oracle JD Edwards solution. Doc ID 2519916.1.

ProfitMag.2019.pngThe 2019 edition of #JDEdwards Profit magazine is now available. Our customers Recology and Sal Cisne share their Digital Transformation outcomes. Also Lyle Ekdahl’s interview on innovation.

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openbook.pngOracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has supported vendor 64-bit hardware, operating systems, databases, Java, and middleware for many years. Additionally, multiple JD Edwards components, such as HTML Server, AIS Server, Orchestrator and other Java-based components, are 64-bit enabled. Now, to round out our architecture, JD Edwards will enable 64-bit processing for the Enterprise Server and development client. This empowers you to move completely from 32-bit to 64-bit processing. You might be asking yourself why you want to make that move. The answer is that you have quite a bit to gain. Check out this new KM document with a link to the recently published whitepaper. Doc ID 2516978.1.

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Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how the Active Ingredient field (AING) is used with the Expiration Date Calculation Method - 3 Least Active Ingredients Expiration Date. Doc ID 2519423.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how you can create a zero cost stock item on a Purchase Order. Doc ID 2519412.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains the purpose of the Pricing Table Purge UBE (R45400P) that was introduced with application release 8.12. Doc ID 2519398.1.

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Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how to create a search filter capable to validate users in two or multiple groups. Doc ID 2518137.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains why it is not possible to have a called UBE complete processing or run synchronously before the calling application continues. But, it also provides a potential solution. Doc ID 2518067.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains what the UK01 and UKID fields in the Shipment Charges table (F4945) are used for. Doc ID 2517290.1.

Purpose - You have created an Orchestration and now would like end users to be able to run that using E1Page whenever they login into EnterpriseOne.


Prerequisite -

a.  knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.

b.  A working/tested Orchestration.

For the demonstration purpose, I have a created an Orchestration “AA_ORCH_P0092" which simply takes input and create a record in User Profile - P0092 application


Here is the screenshot when this Orchestration using Orchestration Client.

Result -

When I run above Orchestration, it creates UserID in P0092 application.


EnterpriseOne HTML Server comes with a library named e1pagehelper.js which includes callAISOrchestrationV2 OR callAISOrchestration functions for calling Orchestration.

We will be calling either of the functions for invoking Orchestration from HTML Page i.e. E1Page


Step#1 - Create Folder to keeping HTML file.

Step#2 - Create a file home.html under this folder.


Step#3 -

Code for home.html -





<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">






   <script src="../e1pagehelper.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


var input =


"Role" :"Sysadmin",

"User ID": "abc"




    <button onclick="javascript:callAISOrchestrationV2('AA_ORCH_Test', input,


function (response)





)">Run Orchestrations</button>  






Explanation -


1. home.html page will have a Button called “Run Orchestration” which will invoke Orchestration.


2. callAISOrchestrationV2 Function in present under e1pagehelper.js, hence we need to include the same in the home.html file.


<script src="../e1pagehelper.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


3. JSON Input – I have User ID and Role in JSON format.



"Role" :"Sysadmin",

"User ID": "abc"



You may also create a text box to take input from Users.


4. As a test purpose, I have added an alert message box to capture and show the response returned by the function. This also indicates that our function is getting executed




Preparing for E1Page


1.  Create a ZIP file with home.html



2.  Login into WebClient and select Manage Content > Classic Pages



3.     Upload the E1Page Zip file



4. Open P98220U ( Work with User Defined Objects) application and approve/share E1Page record



1.       Logout and re-login. This time you will see a new E1Page with Button.





g     Click on the button to invoke Orchestration. This will also show an alert message box with a response from the function.




1.       Open application P0092 and verify if the User ABC record got created.



Different states, countries or locations may have specific laws or regulations governing products that can or cannot be sold to and used by consumers or businesses within their jurisdiction. In these circumstances users of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Software need a way to setup the system to allow a product to be sold and shipped to one geographical location but to prevent a sales order from being created and shipped to a different geographical location where the product is prohibited.


We have always offered the ability to create an item exclude list, but that feature only works to restrict the sale by sold to customer address which is a significant limitation.


If you are allowed to ship an item to a customer in Colorado but prohibited from shipping it to the same customer in another state, you need a different approach. An innovative solution that will return a hard error at sales order entry when the ship to address is in a prohibited location has been adopted by many customers. For details on how to setup this functionality, please refer to Case Study – Restricting the Sale of Prohibited Items (Doc ID 2210855.1).

Ever wondered if it is possible to setup and use Advanced Pricing functionality with Service and Warranty Management, which allows you to price the Item and Services using an Advanced Pricing Structure. Indeed, it is possible, thereby allowing to streamline pricing setup and maintenance of Equipment's, with flexible Pricing.


The user has the advantage to define and adjust prices for each Contract, Work Order, or Case; and later combine the Adjustments into a Pricing Structure or Schedule. Within each Schedule, User can define unlimited Price Adjustments.


For more information on Setup, Use and Functionality of Service and Warranty Management with Advanced Pricing Functionality , please review the below KM Docs:

  • How To Set Up Advanced Pricing for Service Orders (Doc ID 625977.1)
  • Advanced Pricing for SWM Service Contracts EnterpriseOne (Doc ID 625936.1)
  • Advanced Pricing Basis Codes for Service and Warranty Management (Doc ID 1469549.1)

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feature_489274.pngThis new KM document provides details about the new enhancements delivered in Q2 of calendar year 2019 including: ERP Enhancements (in Joint Venture Management, Financials, and Human Capital Management), Localization updates, enhancements to Orchestrator, Form Extensibility enhancements and updates to platform certifications. Doc ID 2525940.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how to populate the Based On Date in EDI Receiving Advice Detail-Inbound table (F47072). Doc ID 2517087.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how you can change the look of Orchestrator Studio so that developers can distinguish between different versions of the studio they are working on. Doc ID 2516552.1.

Reader.pngThis new document explains, with screen prints, how to capture the return values from forms other than the last form in the application stack. Doc ID 2516353.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains the import capability now available for the Unit Master and Least Master data in the Real Estate Management module. Doc ID 2515878.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how you can update the jas.ini on a webdev client in order to connect to the AIS server. Doc ID 2515375.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM documents provides the steps to access the Column Inclusion Event Rules for a column in Report Design Aid (RDA). Doc ID 2515286.1.

Do you have a business need where sales order with large numbers of lines or large numbers of sales orders need to be ship confirmed each day? Try using the Ship Confirm Batch (R42500) Application.


The Ship Confirm Batch (R42500) application allows multiple sales orders to be confirmed at one time. For more information please see E1: 42: Ship Confirm Batch Application (Doc ID 625613.1).

OLL.jfifWatch the new Oracle Learning Library (OLL) video on #JDEdwards #UDO management best practices - UDO security, administration, and life cycle management.

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Reader.pngThis new KM document discusses the Android version needed to download the mobile approval application AIS-M43083 from the Google Play Store. Doc ID 2515133.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how you can set a Processing Option to process by branch plan when using the EDI 852 Inbound Processor (R47121). Doc ID 2514804.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains Tax Tolerance Rules for VAT and sales tax and how they work with standard and batch voucher processing. Doc ID 2514228.1.

Collaborate.jpgBring all your #JDEdwards Licensing related questions to this COLLABORATE 19 meet up session and get them answered from our sales experts on April 8.

OLL.jfifWatch this video from Oracle Learning Library (OLL) to learn more about managing your lease term changes and performing mass update of assets in a lease in #JDEdwards.

Reader.pngOccasionally, an issue can occur where a batch is out of balance but still needs to be posted. This is common with rounding issues or when doing one-sided entries to correct out of balance situations. Sometimes, the one-sided entry is created in order to correct batches that are out of balance. This new KM document outlines how to create and post a one-sided journal entry. Doc ID 2513031.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides the steps and documentation for installing BI Publisher server with WebLogic for OneView Reporting (OVR). Doc ID 2512616.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document talks about the System data source and best practice/recommendation that only one System data source is shared throughout the EnterpriseOne install. Doc ID 2511908.1.

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