Purpose - You have created an Orchestration and now would like end users to be able to run that using E1Page whenever they login into EnterpriseOne.


Prerequisite -

a.  knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.

b.  A working/tested Orchestration.

For the demonstration purpose, I have a created an Orchestration “AA_ORCH_P0092" which simply takes input and create a record in User Profile - P0092 application


Here is the screenshot when this Orchestration using Orchestration Client.

Result -

When I run above Orchestration, it creates UserID in P0092 application.


EnterpriseOne HTML Server comes with a library named e1pagehelper.js which includes callAISOrchestrationV2 OR callAISOrchestration functions for calling Orchestration.

We will be calling either of the functions for invoking Orchestration from HTML Page i.e. E1Page


Step#1 - Create Folder to keeping HTML file.

Step#2 - Create a file home.html under this folder.


Step#3 -

Code for home.html -





<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">






   <script src="../e1pagehelper.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


var input =


"Role" :"Sysadmin",

"User ID": "abc"




    <button onclick="javascript:callAISOrchestrationV2('AA_ORCH_Test', input,


function (response)





)">Run Orchestrations</button>  






Explanation -


1. home.html page will have a Button called “Run Orchestration” which will invoke Orchestration.


2. callAISOrchestrationV2 Function in present under e1pagehelper.js, hence we need to include the same in the home.html file.


<script src="../e1pagehelper.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


3. JSON Input – I have User ID and Role in JSON format.



"Role" :"Sysadmin",

"User ID": "abc"



You may also create a text box to take input from Users.


4. As a test purpose, I have added an alert message box to capture and show the response returned by the function. This also indicates that our function is getting executed




Preparing for E1Page


1.  Create a ZIP file with home.html



2.  Login into WebClient and select Manage Content > Classic Pages



3.     Upload the E1Page Zip file



4. Open P98220U ( Work with User Defined Objects) application and approve/share E1Page record



1.       Logout and re-login. This time you will see a new E1Page with Button.





g     Click on the button to invoke Orchestration. This will also show an alert message box with a response from the function.




1.       Open application P0092 and verify if the User ABC record got created.