F3011 - Bill of Material Change Table

This table records the modified or changed data associated with the Bill of Material (BOM) items.  It can be used to retrieve the changes done to a BOM, starting with the current values in F3002 and working backward through the changes and dates using the records in F3011.  It is activated via the Branch Plant Manufacturing Constants (P3009) under the check box option - Log Bill of Material.


In XE, the table displays the entire BOM list with the changes made since its inception until the present date.


In 8.12 and after, it displays only the lines associated with the changes or modifications made on the BOM since its inception until the present date.


This can prove very useful when customers want to keep an audit trail of the changes in F3002 BOM.


What Application Should Be Used To Review The Information In F3011?

Currently, there is no standard application to allow that, but there is an enhancement request asking for it:



For more information please see the below KM Docs:

  • Setup and Use of BOM (Bill of Material) (Doc ID 626105.1)
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