This blog will help you to install the Data Access Driver. Here we are installing DAD on below system configuration


Application Release : 9.2

Tools Release            :

Database                   : Oracle

BIP Server Version   : BIP

          Operating System    : Windows 2016


Steps to install the Data Access Driver ( DAD )


  1. Install SM Agent
  2. Register the BIP WLS with SM Console
  3. Download latest DAD Tools Release from update center
  4. Upload and Distribute the DAD TR component 
  5. Create DAD Instance
  6. Copy the DAD Tools Release lib files to  to BI lib folder location
  7. Update the setDomainEnv.cmd
  8. Update jdbj.ini
  9. Create a JDBC Data Source in BIP Console
  10. Verify the configuration


   Step 1 :  Install SM Agent  


  Step 2 : Register the BIP WLS with SM Console

Step 3 : Download Latest DAD Tools Release from update center


Step 4 : Upload the Software and distribute the TR to the SM Agent where WebLogic BIP Server is registered

Step 5 : Create a DAD Instance using SM Console 

Step 6 : Extract the DAD Tools Release par file to temporary location and copy to BI Lib folder location

           From Location :


    To Location :


Step 7 : Update the setDomainEnv.cmd


         Update the classpath value with DAD SM Agent config location. Below section of SetDomainEnv.cmd needs to be updated.



if NOT "%PRE_CLASSPATH%"=="" (


) else (






if NOT "%CLASSPATH%"=="" (

set CLASSPATH=D:\jde_home_dad\SCFHA\targets\DAD\config;%POST_CLASSPATH%;%CLASSPATH%

) else (






if NOT "%CLASSPATH%"=="" (


) else (





if NOT "%PRE_CLASSPATH%"=="" (

set CLASSPATH=D:\jde_home_dad\SCFHA\targets\DAD\config;%PRE_CLASSPATH%;%CLASSPATH%



Step 8 : Make sure jdbj.ini is updated correctly with your database information


Step 9 : Create a JDBC Data Source in BIP Console


          Follow the below steps to create a JDBC Data Source

  1. Login into BIP Console
  2. Click on Administration
  3. Now click on JDBC Connection


                4. Enter the below information then click on Test Connection


              5.Enter the below information then click on Test Connection


       Data Source Name      : E1_DAD

       Driver Type                   : Oracle 12c

       Database Driver Class : com.jdedwards.jdbc.driver.JDBCDriver

       Connection String        : jdbc:oracle:enterpriseone://JDV920;

       Username                      : JDE

       Password                       : <JDE User Password>


  •      Connection established successfully


  •       Click on Apply Save to save this configuration


Step 10 : Verify the configuration


  •     Login into Server Manager Console and verify whether DAD Instance status is showing as running


  •      Login into BIP Console then click on New --> Data Model


  •      Click on Add under Diagram tab then click on SQL Query


  •      Enter the table name and select the Data Source as E1_DAD then click on Query Builder


  •      Select the column ( For example : AN8 ) then click on save button to save the SQL Query


  •      Now click on Data - View and see whether we are able to see the E1 data using DAD