When customers are delinquent in paying their bills, you can send a delinquency notice on overdue invoices as a reminder to pay the delinquent balance. Delinquency notices are created by running the Print Delinquency Notices version (XJDE0002) of the Credit Analysis Refresh program (R03B525). This version has predefined processing options set for printing delinquency notices and calls either the AR Delinquency Notice Print (R03B20), or from release 8.9, the Global Reminders (R03B21) to generate the notices. The system generates notices based on the delinquency policy that is assigned to the customer. See Document 1490134.1 for further information on setting up delinquency policies and the system set up requirements for generating notices.


Prior to release 8.9, only the A/R Delinquency Notice Print (R03B20) program can be called from Credit Analysis Refresh to print notices. From release 8.9 onwards, there is a further option to use Global Reminders (R03B21), which is also referred to as Tiered Delinquency Notice Print.


More details on how this process works, common issues and troubleshooting tips could be found in:

  • E1: 03B: How To Process, Purge and Troubleshoot Delinquency Notices (R03B525, R03B20, R03B21, P03B202, P03B201, R03B5010) (Doc ID 644234.1)
  • E1: 03B: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Delinquency Notice Processing and Purging (R03B525, R03B20, R03B21) (Doc ID 945005.1)
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