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Reader.pngBased on directions from Central Board of Indirect Taxes, Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) is working for building electronic infrastructure for uploading tax invoice information to GSTN portal on a real time basis and mandate tax payers to print the Invoice Reference Number generated by GSTN while printing the Tax invoices for B2B and B2G Taxable supplies. Oracle plans to provide required changes in existing solution to comply with GST requirements. Please review this article for updated information. The development, release and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. Doc ID 2567084.1.

Reader.pngIn 9.2, users who install the ESU for Enhancement Bug 29500686 (ORDER ACTIVITY RULES FOR MFG WO - TABLES AND DD ITEMS) will see work order activity rules functionality for manufacturing similar to what’s provided for equipment maintenance and sales and purchase order processing, to establish the allowable steps that an order can take from beginning to end. This new KM document explains the functionality of Work Order Activity Rules for manufacturing. Doc ID 2566426.1.

Reader.pngBill of Material Change History P3011 is an enhancement that allows users to track all changes (add, update, delete) to Table F3011 BOM when Log Bill of Material flag is checked in P3009, Manufacturing Constants.

To accomplish this, a new application was created - BOM Change History P3011. This makes the data viewable from the F3011. This is helpful for any user that wants to review changes made to the BOM parent or component. Doc ID 2564776.1.

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budget.jpgThe approval process is often configured based on the business needs depending on the time period, changes of approvers as well as monetary constraints.

You can use the approval process for two types of approvers:

  • Monetary
  • Budget


Approval route dictates the flow of the purchase approval process, therefore the purchase order will go to the approvers defined in the route if the purchase order total amount is higher than the user defined values entered in the ”From Amount” field. Although not recommended to have more than one person at an approval limit this scenario is often necessary in order to assure the process continues without interruption, which may consist in approvers being on vacations or just possible shifts in responsibilities.


The complexity of this option resides in the address book setup which will imply defining several layers of email contacts for the users defined in the route.

Hence, in a purchase order approval process with 3 approvers in the route code the business flow for a monetary hierarchy would be as follows:

  1. After generating the purchase order mail should go to the first approver (from originator's id) for approval of order.
  2. As soon as first approver approves the order then system should sends two emails, one is to originator and another one is to second approver.
  3. As soon as second approver approves the order then system again should sends two emails, one is to originator and another one is to third approver.
  4. As soon as third approver approves the order then system send mail to originator.


More information and examples can be found in the following KM documents:

  • E1: 43: Approval Processing in EnterpriseOne (Doc ID 2090884.2)
  • E1: 43: Approval Processing in Procurement with Multiple Approvers (Case Study) (Doc ID 2081249.1)
  • E1: 43: Approval Processing in EnterpriseOne (Doc ID 2090884.2)
  • E1: 43: Approval Processing in Procurement with Multiple Approvers (Case Study) (Doc ID 2081249.1)

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Reader.pngJD Edwards EnterpriseOne deployments depend on a matrix of interdependent platform components from Oracle and third-party vendors. The product support lifecycle of these components is driven by their vendors, creating a continuous need to certify the latest versions of these products to give customers a complete technology stack that is functional, well-performing, and supported by the vendors. Starting with Tools Release, Oracle Database 19c is supported with 32-bit JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Linux platform. The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne certifications for Oracle Database 19c on Linux platform are posted on the Certifications tab in My Oracle Support. Doc ID 2563489.1.

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pastedImage_0.pngSimplified Diagnostics Collector is a simple interface tool, built into Server Manager starting with Tools Release, to allow JD Edwards EnterpriseOne users to collect

diagnostic data and system information from EnterpriseOne servers.

  • Deployment Server
    • Collection options: ESU install issue, OneWorld Client Install files, package build files, UBE output, Server Manager agent issue for Deployment Server
  • Enterprise Server
    • Collection options: Enterprise Server configuration and logs, UBE output, Server Manager agent issue for Enterprise Server
    • option to select from a drop-down list of Enterprise Servers
  • HTML Server
    • Collection options: HTML logs (includes Configuration files - JAS.INI, JDBJ.INI, tokengen.ini, etc. as well) , Server Manager agent issue for HTML Server
    • option to select from a drop-down list of HTML Servers
  • Server Manager Console
    • Collection options: system tables (CNC tables, ESU tables, OMW tables, Package tables), Server Manager console issue
    • option to select from a drop-down list of Server Manager console Servers

Diagnostic SM.png

Simplified Diagnostics Collector Directories

The Collect and Generate button creates the following directories:

  • CaptureDiagnosticsEvery time you click the Collect and Generate button the directory is deleted and recreated.
  • CaptureDiagnosticsZipThis directory contains the generated .zip files and a temp directory. If it does not exist, it is created.
  • TempA sub-directory of CaptureDiagnosticsZip directory. This directory contains a copy of the most current .zip file for the Download Zip--<instance name> link. If the collected .zip file is over two gigabytes in size, it is recommended that you to manually copy the file. If you attempt to download the .zip file, the browser could time-out.

It is recommended that you periodically delete the .zip files in the following directories:

  • Deployment Server: <install path of Deployment Server instance>\CaptureDiagnosticZip
  • Enterprise Server: <install path of Enterprise Server instance>\CaptureDiagnosticZip
  • HTML Server: <install path of Server Manager Agent >\CaptureDiagnosticZip
  • Server Manager Console: <install path of Server manager Consolde>\CaptureDiagnosticZip

Simplified Diagnostics Collector Resources

  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Server Manager Guide: Collect and Generate Diagnostics (Release
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Diagnostic Tools: Simplified Diagnostics Collector (Doc ID 2551882.1)
  • E1: SVM: Simplified Diagnostics Collector (Doc ID 2551889.1)
  • Advisor Webcast: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Simplified Diagnostics Collector for - presented on August 6, 2019 (Doc ID 2565402.1)


Simplified Diagnostics Collector is built into Server Manager with Tools Release is installed to both the Server Manager console and the related servers. Some configuration needs to be verified in Server Manager.

For detailed Information about the configuration please check the "Required Configuration" tab of the KM document "JD Edwards: Simplified Diagnostics Collector" (Doc ID 2564285.2)

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Lease Management Create Amortization Schedule (R15170) is designed to use an R date pattern to calculate lease liability and right of use asset schedules.


If you are not on an R date pattern there are a couple of scenarios to view in Lease Accounting – Creating Amortization Schedules (R15170) If Not Using an ‘R’ Date Pattern (Doc ID 2542169.1) that may be of assistance to you.


The following Enhancement Bugs have been entered to address the issue:

Enhancement Bug 28328411 - Allow Create Amort Sched to Process for Company Date Pattern and Enhancement Bug 29548972 - Allow Date Pattern Other than R to be Used for Amortization Schedule Creation have been entered to requesting to allow the Amortization Schedule (R15170) to be created with a date pattern other than R.


If you are a member of Quest User group please refer to Enhancement Requests via Quest User Groups (Doc ID 1192883.1) for escalating enhancement requests.

Looking for a way to track bill of material history. New to 9.2 you can track BOM history base on parent items or parent items and specific components.


We will now be writing the Bill of Material Change (F3011) file for all changes and additions based on a manufacturing constants setting for logging bill of material changes under the BOM/Routing Options.


BOM Changes can be viewed from the following three places:

  • Directly from menu G3011 Daily PDM Discrete under BOM Change History (P3011)
  • Form exit from Bill of Material (P3002) (W3002H) for BOM History
  • After selecting the Bill of Material (W3002A) the user can access the BOM History again from the Form exit. Here the user also has the option under the Row exit to view the Bill of Material changes by parent/component for Component History.


With the installation of the ESU for Bug 29200369 users can make use of application P3011 (BOM Change History) from E1 9.2 release. For more details, please review 9.2 Enhancement Bill of Material Change History P3011/F3011 (Doc ID 2564776.1).

Reader.pngThis new KM document has a short video of errors commonly seen in the Purchase Order Receipt application (P4312) and has a link listing of KM documents for P4312 errors. Doc ID 2096350.2.

Reader.pngThis new KM document has a short video of errors commonly seen in the Purchase Order Entry application (P4310) and has a link listing of KM documents for P4310 errors. Doc ID 1937160.2.

Reader.pngThis new KM document has a short video of errors commonly seen in the Voucher Match application (P4314) and has a link listing of KM documents for P4314 errors. Doc ID 1932593.2.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides an example of an XML List Request for a business view that includes data selection and data sequencing information. Doc ID 2567902.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document the reason for error "Invalid Basis Code" when using accruals with Basis Code 0 (% of New Base Price) in Price Adjustment Detail Revisions (P4072). Doc ID 2566369.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how to setup VAT taxes so that it creates automatic entries (AE entries) for both the input and output of taxes. Doc ID 2566025.1.

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KathieS -Oracle

LearnJDE: UX One

Posted by KathieS -Oracle Aug 16, 2019

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Reader.pngThis new KM document provides links to information about IBM's DB2 Design Advisor tool (db2advis) that can be used to identify which JDE indexes are not being accessed by E1 applications. Doc ID 2565949.1.

Reader.pngThis new Accounts Receivable KM document talks about some functionality about why you might want to setup parent-child relationships in Customer Master records. Doc ID 2565947.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains the EnterpriseOne recommendations when Read Committed Snapshot Isolation (RCSI) is enabled at the database level for a SQL database. Doc ID 2565588.1.

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Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how you can identify a specific line to update using groovy scripting. Doc ID 2565586.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains the process to import data into E1 tables using a CSV file via ftp. The example used shows how to use "Process Recorder" to save a Service Request to create an order using P4210 and create an orchestration to enter orders from a CSV file. Doc ID 2564800.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains potential causes for error "Asynchronous Business Function Error: There was a problem with the server running the business function F4314EndDoc" when attempting to voucher match a purchase order using the Voucher Match application P4314. Doc ID 2564655.1.

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Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how to recover when the Primary Unit of Measure is changed in the middle of a cycle count. Doc ID 2563853.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how an acknowledgement can be rejected in the SRM-PO Acknowledgement application (P43S01). Doc ID 2563801.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how you can create a purchase order at the same time a sales order is created, without creating a direct ship order. Doc ID 2563787.1.

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Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how the URL or shortcut link that is sent in an email for workflow messages is configured for each environment. Doc ID 2562842.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM documents talks about which JDBJ.INI, JAS.INI, and TNSNAMES.ORA files E1 uses and which of the duplicate files can be removed. Doc ID 2561073.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document talks about resolving the error "Failed to fetch soft coding" when creating an FTP-connector via connections and promoting the orchestration and service request to another environment. Doc ID 2561000.1.

INFOCUS19_JDE.pngWhile you're planning your visit for this year's INFOCUS conference, remember your friends from the JD Edwards Support organization will be there! Stop by our booth to say hello, provide feedback or ask questions. And, I'll be at as many of the SIG meetings as I can get to.


Consider adding these sessions by experts from Support to your training schedule:

* Hands on Lab: "Orchestrating Notifications" with Terry Pasqua and Terry Bowen #JDE-105750

   Wednesday, August 21 | 9:15 - 10:45 AM | Director's Row 1 |


* "JD Edwards Support and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: A Successful Path to Oracle Cloud" with Kris Andersen, Justin Walker #JDE-105630

   Thursday, Aug 22 | 8:00 - 9:00 AM | Director's Row 1 |


* "The Wonderful World of Vouchering" with Laura Damsgard, Peggy Horrigan Ries and Karen Brown #JDE-105430

   Thursday, Aug 22 | 8:00 - 9:00 AM | Governor's Square 12 |


* "Getting the Most Out of Financials" with Kristina Campbell and Karen Brown #JDE-105380

   Thursday, Aug 22 | 9:15 - 10:15 AM | Governor's Square 16 |


* "Simplified DIagnostics Collector for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne" with Nick Velharticky #JDE-105640

   Thursday, Aug 22 | 3:15 - 4:15 PM | Tower Court A |


* "Maximize the Value You Get From Your JD Edwards Investment With Oracle Support" with Jon Green and Gary Grieshaber #JDE-105810

   Thursday, Aug 22 | 3:15 - 4:15 PM | Governor's Square 16 |


Check out the INFOCUS page on Quest's site for registration, a show program, agenda, and links to the education sessions.

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Historically, there has been a difference in the Soft Rounding calculation between Sales Orders and Purchase Orders when using an Item Group (Purchasing Taxable) for Multiple Tax Rate configuration. In the Sales Order module, when Sales Update (R42800) creates Accounts Receivable records (F03B11/F0911), a Soft Rounding for Tax Calculation is done grouped by Tax Area and Item Group. In the Purchase Order module, when Match Voucher to Open Receipts (P4314) creates Accounts Payable records (F0411/F0911) a Soft Rounding for Tax Calculation is done grouped by Tax Area only. The Item Group (Purchasing Taxable) was ignored.


An enhancement is now available in releases 9.1 and 9.2 that allows users to choose to enable Voucher Match Tax Rounding by company for Accounts Payable.


For more information see Enhancement Available in Match Voucher Match to Open Receipts (P4314) to Allow Soft Rounding for Tax Calculation Grouped by Tax Area and Item Group (Doc ID 2475356.1).

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Reader.pngThis new KM document provides the instructions to apply two receipts a single invoice using the auto cash functionality. Doc ID 2560528.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how a purchase order created from eReq can go into an approval route using The Requisition Expediter (P43E060). Doc ID 2559837.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how you can copy/paste the text content of an EnterpriseOne pop-up error message (red box fo Error Pop-ups). Doc ID 2559473.1.

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