Lease Management Create Amortization Schedule (R15170) is designed to use an R date pattern to calculate lease liability and right of use asset schedules.


If you are not on an R date pattern there are a couple of scenarios to view in Lease Accounting – Creating Amortization Schedules (R15170) If Not Using an ‘R’ Date Pattern (Doc ID 2542169.1) that may be of assistance to you.


The following Enhancement Bugs have been entered to address the issue:

Enhancement Bug 28328411 - Allow Create Amort Sched to Process for Company Date Pattern and Enhancement Bug 29548972 - Allow Date Pattern Other than R to be Used for Amortization Schedule Creation have been entered to requesting to allow the Amortization Schedule (R15170) to be created with a date pattern other than R.


If you are a member of Quest User group please refer to Enhancement Requests via Quest User Groups (Doc ID 1192883.1) for escalating enhancement requests.