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SPOUG.pngMeet Angela Enyeart and Jeff Erickson in Madrid on November 19 to learn about new #JDEdwards ideas and features. #SPOUG registration -

QuestIcon2.pngStreamline and optimize your business processes with the #JDEdwards. Attend this Quest session on November 15 presented by Angela Enyeart to know everything about #JDE as your digital platform.

QuestIcon2.pngGet an overview of #JDEdwards Lessee Accounting Manager UX One Role in this Quest blog,

Reader.pngThere are no JD Edwards code changes required for this new release of Vertex release 4.3.2. See this new KM document for information. Doc ID 2600146.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides an overview of the Inbound Reports available to import Real Estate Management data using Z tables. Doc ID 2594457.1.

Reader.pngJD Edwards provides a pre-defined price approval workflow object called "JDEPRAPPR". The default setup provides one address/one approver to route all price approvals through. This new KM document provides instructions to setup the price approval workflow so that procurement price adjustment changes can go through workflow approval before they can be used. Doc ID 2593715.1.

Reader.pngAn Orchestration is broken into two Form Service Requests. Each Form Request works by creating individual orchestrations. However, the output of the first form request doesn't get mapped correctly to the second Form Service Request as an Input when combining the two. This new KM document provides instructions to pass the values. Doc ID 2591608.1.

UKOUG.pngDon’t miss your chance to meet Gary Grieshaber and Karen Brown at UKOUG JD Edwards Customer Day 2019 on November 12. Hear about #JDEdwards product updates. Find more details here - 

QXW2.pngNot yet registered for Quest Experience Week’s JD Edwards Day on November 15? Get an insight into latest hot topics surrounding #JDEdwards to help you drive your business forward to digital transformation. Quest User Group agenda here -

OBUG.pngAttend the OBUG #JDEdwards event on November 14 in Utrecht to stay informed about #JDE product updates and roadmap. Speakers are Gary Grieshaber and Karen Brown.

QuestIcon2.pngAttend this Quest session on November 7 to know what’s new in #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne Tools including Orchestrator Studio, Extensibility framework, 64-bit processing, and platform certification.

YouTube.pngWatch this video tutorial providing information on how to define and generate distribution ledgers for #JDEdwards financial reporting -

Starting with Tools Release, the scheduler which is included with the AIS server installation, can now be configured to make the scheduler resilient, where you are able to store the job specifications for scheduled notifications and orchestrations centrally in the database. This blog will help you to understand the E1 AIS Server Scheduler Resilience feature & this blog will help you to enable this feature in your setup.

As notifications and orchestrations are incorporated into critical business processes, the scheduling and execution of those notifications and orchestrations becomes equally critical. The scheduler must be able to tolerate failures, restart with minimum human intervention, and load balance in that if one scheduler instance begins to fall behind, another can pick up the overflow.


  • To make the scheduler resilient, you can store the scheduled job properties for notifications and orchestrations centrally in the database. 
  • This means that if you are running a single instance of the scheduler, the scheduler can restart from a failure and continue processing from the queue of scheduled jobs without an administrator having to resubmit all jobs manually.


Steps to enable Scheduler Resilience


  1. Download the Quartz SQL Script
  2. Create the Quartz tables in E1 Database
  3. Configure the rest.ini
  4. Start the Scheduler


Step 1 : Download the Quartz SQL Script


We can download the Quartz SQL Script from the website -->

  • Extract the download using 7 zip and navigate to the below location

Note : For this example , we are using the E1 Setup which is running on Oracle Database, So we will be using the tables_oracle.sql to create the Quartz table in the next step

Step 2 : Create Quartz tables in E1 Database


Here we are creating the schema "QUARTZ" where we are going to create the Quartz table. You can work with your DBA to create the required schema with the security permission as per your setup.


Example SQL Script


--Create User

Create User QUARTZ Identified by QUARTZ;


--Create Table Space




-- Alter USER SQL












      Make sure you are able to login into Database using the QUARTZ user ID and password


      Now run the Quartz SQL Script (tables_oracle.sql) by login into the user (QUARTZ) which we created in above step


  • Quartz Tables are created successfully 


Step 3 : Configure the rest.ini


Using Server Manager Console we can update the rest.ini of the AIS Server. 

Access the AIS Instance then navigate to the Configuration  --> Miscellaneous Section

  • Now synchronize the changes and restart the AIS Server

Important Notes

The AIS Servers containing the scheduler will access the Quartz runtime database through JDBC. If your AIS Server is deployed to WebLogic and your database is Oracle, the JDBC driver will already have been installed and you can skip this step.


For more information on obtaining, uploading, and installing JDBC drivers, see the Manage JDBC Drivers chapter in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Server Manager Guide.

Step 4 : Start the Scheduler


Using Postman or SOAP UI tool , we can start the DV AIS Server Scheduler. It is a good practice to make sure standard scheduler works by unchecking the "Scheduler Resilience" setting in AIS option. If it works, then check the option restart AIS and test.


Rest API End Point : http://AISserver:port/jderest/v2/scheduler/start


You can run the below SQL Query to verify whether AIS Server Scheduled jobs are stored in Database

We have created simple test notification and scheduled to run at every 5 mins. AIS Scheduler successfully executing these jobs at scheduled time.

Now we can have multiple AIS schedulers to do the load balancing or fail over by enabling this feature. For more information refer the guide --> Configuring Scheduler Resilience (Release

Also refer the document --> E1: AIS: ORCH: Setting up Quartz Scheduler Resilience to be used with Notifications and Orchestrations (TR (Doc ID 2368608.1) & guide --> Configuring Scheduler Resilience (Release
which has the configuration details for SQL Database and DB2 Database Setup

Reader.pngItalian entities are required to file Esterometro report from January 2019 onward for all purchase sale transactions with Non-Italian entities. This new KM document talks about the requirement and the enhancement bug requested for it. Doc ID 2590066.1.

Reader.pngThis KM document has been reformatted to the tab format with FAQs for Lessee Balance Sheet Accounting (IFRS 16, FASB 842) with tabs for: Setup, Asset, Amort Schedule / Comm JE, Balance Sheet JE, Remeasurement, Error Codes, Termination and other topics. Doc ID 2588524.2.

Reader.pngColombia has its own unique way of calculating taxes based on minimum amount concept unlike base functionality. For Colombia Localization, when a sales order is created or revised, the system needs to compare the total sales order taxable amount with the minimum amount setup for each tax parameter. Based on this comparison, the system will apply or discount the tax rate of each tax parameter respectively for the tax calculation. For Colombia localization, in Revision mode, re-calculation for all lines of the sales order is required regardless of number of lines being revised on the sales order. This new KM document outlines the functionality for creation and revision mode. Doc ID 2584886.1.

FROUG.pngHear directly from Jeff Erickson and Angela Enyeart sharing insights of #JDEdwards features and the paths you can take to achieve benefits of #JDE system. The session is scheduled on November 21 at Oracle City Office, Paris #FROUG.

YouTube.pngReceive latest #JDEdwards video upload notifications on subscribing to the #JDE YouTube channel. Press the bell icon -

Do you have industry or regional data requirements to store additional information on your General Ledger Applications (Example: P0911, P0901)? Do you want to minimize your dependence on your limited IT resources to meet those requirements? Have you ever wished you could add additional columns to forms to meet your requirement?


With Form Extension, you can! Form Extension is where personalization meets extensibility to create a better user experience. With Form Extension, you can:

  • Create a holistic solution without creating barriers to continuous adoption
  • Capture additional information to meet industry and regional data requirements quickly and easily
  • Consume them in personalization frameworks like Personal Forms, Orchestrations, CafeOne layouts, etc.


Form Extension is a great way to extend and personalize your forms by adding more business view columns based on your needs without having to open application code.


Example: Add a column Reference 2 in the form Work with Journal Entries W0911I (P0911)


  1. Launch Work with Journal Entries W0911I(P0911)and look for Form Extension Icon .Then drag drop Reference 2 field to the grid. Save it.St1.png

2.  Launch W0911I(P0911) again with the new column Reference 2 added to the grid



For More information on how to use form extension please refer to the below:


    2. Understanding Form Extension Available Starting with Tools Release (Doc ID 2384606.1)

QuestIcon2.pngKnow what’s new in the latest releases of #JDEdwards Tools Orchestrator Studio, 64-bit computing, Extensibility framework, and platform certifications in this Quest webinar on November 7. Details here -

SPOUG.pngMeet Angela Enyeart and Jeff Erickson on November 19 in Madrid to learn everything about new #JDEdwards ideas and features. #SPOUG Registration -

Reader.pngWhen creating a Credit Order from History, there is an option to set the Last or Next Status for retrieval. When the Next Status is set to 999, all lines will be retrieved including the cancelled lines. When the Last Status is set to 620, the cancelled lines will not be retrieved but backordered lines will display. Users have requested functionality specific to backordered lines or for cancelled lines. Advanced Queries can be used to control the retrieval and display of the requested sales order lines. This new KM document explains the steps. Doc ID 2584498.1.

Reader.pngMany companies want to reward their customers for early and prompt payments by allowing a greater discount based on the date that the customers remit their payment. Being able to change the discount percentage based on the date enables you to negotiate better terms with your suppliers and offer better terms to your customers. This new KM document explains how to setup and process multi-tieried discount payment terms. Doc ID 2590230.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document talks about how the GL Post cannot be regenerated but that the General Journal by Batch (R09301) can be used instead. Doc ID 2590222.1.

OBUG.pngAttend #OBUG #JDEdwards Update event on November 14 at Utrecht city to stay informed about #JDE product updates and roadmap. Speakers are Gary Grieshaber and Karen Brown.

QuestIcon2.pngRead this Quest blog presenting how #JDEdwards customer Dutch Valley Foods utilized #CafeOne, Personalized Forms, and Form Extensions features to enhance their ERP system experience -

Record reservation functionality is available in a number of programs in EnterpriseOne.  With a recent 9.2 update, record reservation has been added to the Print Delivery Notes UBE (R42535) in the 9.2 release. With the ESU installed, if a record is reserved by another program Print Delivery Notes (R42535) will not process the record.


See Record Reservation Functionality in Print Delivery Notes (R42535) (Doc ID 2601784.1) for the Bug / ESU information along with post install instructions.

Address Book Data Security / Data Privacy allows you to restrict users from viewing sensitive Address Book information. After performing the required setup for this feature, secured users will be able to see the secured fields, but these fields are populated with asterisks.  These fields are also disabled so no changes can be made.


A recent update in the 9.2 release ensures your Address Book Data Privacy carries over to the Purchase Order Entry application (P4310).  See  Data Privacy Setting Functionality Available in Purchase Order Entry (Purchase Order Entry) (Doc ID 2565600.1) for the 9.2 Bug / ESU information.


For more information about Address Book Data Privacy, see How To Set Up Address Book Data Privacy In JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (P01138) (Doc ID 1517572.1).

LearnJDE_new.pngDo you know what is awesome about #JDEdwards #Orchestrator? It powers #DigitalTransformation in your business and transforms how you use your entire ERP system. Review Orchestrator key features on this LearnJDE page -

UKOUG.pngMeet Gary Grieshaber and Karen Brown at #UKOUG 2019 event for #JDEdwards product updates and to explore more about #Digital platform.  November 12 at Oracle City Office, London. You can also book a one-to-one meeting.

Reader.pngThis KM document explains why the due date and discount due date are calculated differently on negative lines added during Voucher Match. Doc ID 2589673.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains why the same shipment number cannot be associated with two separate loads in the Load Build application (P4980). Doc ID 2589145.1.

Reader.pngThis KM document explains cipher support and requirements for enabling SSL/LDAP connections in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Doc ID 2589073.1.

QuestIcon2.pngLast #JDEdwards #SCUG meeting for the year 2019. Attend on October 24 to take a deep-dive into #JDE journey to continuous innovation strategy, keynote session, and more.

OracleUniversity.pngExplore #JDEdwards World to EnterpriseOne 9.2 migration options for your business with Ward Quarles in this live webinar on October 22. Get insights on how to maximize the value of your software investment and improve performance with 9.2 features. Register here -

cloud.pngRead this blog to know 4 biggest back-office concerns faced during moving to the #Cloud and the strategic approach to overcome them -

QuestIcon2.pngWhat is new in #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 and 9.1 that is helpful to HCM users? -

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cloud_IaaSSaaSPaas.jpgLarry Ellison sees big advantage in #Oracle’s combination of #Cloud apps and infrastructure.  Read this Forbes blog to know more –

QuestIcon2.pngJoin Angela Enyeart in this Quest webinar on November 15 to know how to achieve more value with #Digital Platform across @OracleJDEdwards EnterpriseOne applications -

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how to resolve the Server Manager console crashing with the message 'GC overhead limit exceeded' in the console log. Doc ID 2588875.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document talks about a change in a previous release that affects functionality to cancel/close order lines on an non-stock purchase order (J line type). Doc ID 2588550.1.

QuestIcon2.pngRead this Quest blog to know how @Oracle customers experience #AI in business transactions -

LearnJDE_new.pngThe first step towards #JDEdwards automation is to upgrade to 9.2. Check our Simplified Upgrade page on LearnJDE for more information -

QuestIcon2.pngGet an insight into new product innovation and enhancements delivered in #JDEdwards latest releases directly from Bob Monahan and Neil Pugh. Attend this Quest User Group webinar on November 15-

OracleUniversity.pngNow is the time! Migrating from @OracleJDEdwards World to EnterpriseOne 9.2 increases the value of your software investment, leading to optimized operations, clearer analytics, and better regulatory compliance. Join the webinar on October 22 with Ward Quarles to learn more.

QuestIcon2.pngAttend this Quest webinar on October 17 to understand the extensive set of capabilities released over the past couple of years to help you comply with this @OracleJDEdwards #Lease Accounting new standard -

Reader.pngThis new KM document answers some common questions about JAS SQL packages (JDBJx) for the System i platform. Doc ID 2577441.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document talks about the Orchestrator Monitor for setting exception alerts and the ability to purge Orchestrator monitor logs. Doc ID 2588133.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document talks about the size limit on the payload to External REST when passing JSON output via a connector request. Doc ID 2588093.1.

QuestIcon2.pngHow to accelerate your journey to #DigitalTransformation using #OCI and Oracle #Autonomous Database? Attend this Quest User Group webinar by Jeff Erickson on November 15-

LearnJDE_new.pngYou can now stay connected with your business and your ERP either from your desk or on-the-go with #JDEdwards #Notifications feature. Visit this LearnJDE page to know how you can use actionable notifications and orchestration messages efficiently -

OOW_2019.pngFive unique insights from Larry Ellison’s, Oracle Chairman and CTO, on subjects ranging from autonomous technologies to what keeps him engaged in the business after decades. Read this blog -

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QuestIcon2.pngRead this Quest blog to know the success story of Wilbur-Ellis upgrade to #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 release in 6 months using Simplified Upgrade process –

Reader.pngThis new KM document talks about a potential cause for the package error message: "not the idb file that was used when this precompiled header was created, recreate the precompiled header". Doc ID 2587979.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document discusses several points about performance related to Orchestration processing, the AIS server and API services. Doc ID 2587751.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document talks about the support of kits in the Fulfillment Management module. Doc ID 2587650.1.

The Copy Bill of Material (R3002CPY) off menu G3031 allows you to copy a bill of material from one branch/plant to another.


When you set up a new branch/plant, this functionality eliminates the need of manually setting up new bills of materials from start. The Copy Bill of Material by Branch/Plant program (R3002CPY) can be run in a Proof or Final mode. In both the modes, the program creates reports. The report edits items against the Item Branch (F4102) table and adds item records to the file if the item records do not already exist. The report lists the bill of material and items created during the process. When you run the program in the Final mode, the program updates all the necessary data in the Item Branch (F4102) table and Bill of Material Master (F3002) table.


Additional documentation can be found at JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Product Data Management Implementation Guide section 4.5.5 Understanding the Copy Bill of Material by Branch/Plant.

QuestIcon2.pngRead this Quest blog to learn about Srixon/Cleveland Golf’s journey from #JDEdwards World to EnterpriseOne and how archiving data made the migration easier -

Learn-More-Button-JPG-Graphic-Cave-1080x565.jpgRead this Forbes blog to learn about Oracle customers complex use cases and how they want to leverage Autonomous Database as part of their solutions -

LearnJDE_new.pngStill planning to upgrade your #JDEdwards environments to 9.2? Upgrade to benefit from everything that #JDE has to offer and make use of new technologies to help you in creating a better user experience. Know more -

QuestIcon2.pngAttend this Quest webcast on October 17 presented by Karen Brown, Senior Principal Product Manager Oracle, to learn about #JDEdwards new Global FASB/IASB #Lease accounting standards -

Reader.pngWhile there are no delivered work flows for the Real Estate module, this new KM document talks about some options. Doc ID 2587026.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains the steps to setup a flat file to be used to import to EDI tables using the Flat File Conversion program (R47002C). Doc ID 2586980.1.

KathieS -Oracle

LearnJDE: What's New

Posted by KathieS -Oracle Oct 4, 2019

LearnJDE_new.pngVisit the What’s New page of #LearnJDE to know all latest and greatest @OracleJDEdwards news and training details -

OLL.jfifLearn how to implement 64-bit processing with #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne learning path, which is now available in Spanish, French, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Innovation.jpgIt’s not too late for enterprises to catch-up with #digitaltransformation. Find out why in this Forbes article -

OOW_2019.pngIf you missed Oracle Open World 19 and would like to see the #JDEdwards general session presentation or photos, check out this page on #LearnJDE -

Oracle_JD Edwards-18.pngRead this blog to know how you can build a supplier portal using #JDEdwards #Orchestrations and #Oracle PaaS Services -

Oracle_updated.pngDiscover #Oracle Database major new innovations announced in this press release. These innovations make it easier, faster, and safer for customers to run their mission critical workloads everywhere. #thinkautonomous

Reader.pngThis new KM document answers the question "Are there any UDO types that can be used to add an associated description to an existing field on a form?". While the answer for UDO is no, this KM document provides some other suggestions. Doc ID 2586557.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides the steps needed to resolve error "Invalid Account Number. Number Not in F0901." when adding a new unit with an asset in the Unit Master Revisions application (P15217). Doc ID 2586509.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how to setup a status' activity rules to update the completed date. Doc ID 2585766.1.

QuestIcon2.pngJoin Karen Brown from #Oracle on October 17 to discuss the new Global FASB/IASB Lease Accounting Standard and learn how #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne helps you comply with this new standard.

Collab20.pngCall for Presentations is now open for COLLABORATE 20. Submit by October 11. Share your stories, expertise, and experience with Quest and be eligible for a free full conference pass. #C20LV

QuestIcon2.png#JDEdwards is researching associated technologies and prototyping solutions that address tomorrow’s business problems for our customers. Join this Quest webinar and interactive discussion on October 3 to see some of the use cases in action.

OLL.jfifLearn how to extend #JDEdwards business processes with Oracle JET pages and EnterpriseOne #Orchestrations. The learning path is now available in Spanish, French, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains the step needed when the West Virginia tax type K is not getting included when running pre-payroll. Doc ID 2585387.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document answers questions about the impact of records that might remain in the Supply/Demand Chart work table (F34800W). Doc ID 2584846.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains why there are "missing objects" after installing EnterpriseOne and also explains why the JDEOW library no longer is updated with the install process. Doc ID 2583609.1.

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