Do you have industry or regional data requirements to store additional information on your General Ledger Applications (Example: P0911, P0901)? Do you want to minimize your dependence on your limited IT resources to meet those requirements? Have you ever wished you could add additional columns to forms to meet your requirement?


With Form Extension, you can! Form Extension is where personalization meets extensibility to create a better user experience. With Form Extension, you can:

  • Create a holistic solution without creating barriers to continuous adoption
  • Capture additional information to meet industry and regional data requirements quickly and easily
  • Consume them in personalization frameworks like Personal Forms, Orchestrations, CafeOne layouts, etc.


Form Extension is a great way to extend and personalize your forms by adding more business view columns based on your needs without having to open application code.


Example: Add a column Reference 2 in the form Work with Journal Entries W0911I (P0911)


  1. Launch Work with Journal Entries W0911I(P0911)and look for Form Extension Icon .Then drag drop Reference 2 field to the grid. Save it.St1.png

2.  Launch W0911I(P0911) again with the new column Reference 2 added to the grid



For More information on how to use form extension please refer to the below:


    2. Understanding Form Extension Available Starting with Tools Release (Doc ID 2384606.1)