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Reader.pngIn the One View Inventory Valuation Analysis Inquiry application (P41271) there are two columns for Lot Status Code. This new KM document explains the purpose of these two columns for the same data item (LOTS). Doc ID 2596816.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains correct usage of the 'in List' option in the Orchestrator Data Request form. Doc ID 2595982.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains the 'Out of Route Distance' (E) option for rate basis in the Work with Rate Definition Revisions application (P4970). Doc ID 2593812.1.

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QuestIcon2.pngThe #UXOne role for an Asset Scheduler is available for #JDEdwards users. Know prerequisites to leverage this role and benefits of this role from this Quest blog -

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how to setup an invoice document type (other than RI) that can be used in Accounts Receivable to distinguish them from other standard invoices. Doc ID 2592077.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how you can setup a test FTP server on a Windows machine in Windows Explorer to test the FTP connection and connector. Doc ID 2591964.1.

Reader.pngPer General Resolution N° 4035/2017, AFIP is replacing the old TXT file PROV0517 with a new format called PROV0517N. This new file has a different structure. This new KM document provides information about the new format and the bugs and implementation to implement it with EnterpriseOne. Doc ID 2600787.1.

QuestIcon2.pngRead this Quest blog highlighting #JDEdwards Tools Release 9.2 Update 4 enhancements that will provide companies transformative solutions to innovate in the #Digital economy -

Reader.pngIn the 9.1 release, Voucher Match Automation capabilities were added to the standard software, but that process did not include support for any voucher Localizations. The process has now been updated and is able to produce vouchers that comply with all supported Polish localizations. This new KM document talks about the bugs and implementations for the new capabilities. Doc ID 2598700.1.

YouTube.pngLearn how to associate #Orchestration with an event using easy steps in this #JDEdwards tutorial video -

Sometimes EnterpriseOne clients encounter a business scenario where the requirement is to calculate Billable Charges proportionately divided among multiple deliveries, based on the Payable charges of a load. The idea is that each of the customers that receive a delivery on a load should share the cost of the load in proportion to the relative size (based on weight or volume) of their delivery.



For this purpose EnterpriseOne has the option to set up a Rate Definition (P4970) for the Billable Charge with a Rate Type (FRTP) = 4  - Prorated Amount and enables users to choose as the Pro-rate Basis between weight or volume (PRTB = 1 or 2). This will serve as a basis for computing these prorated billable charges in proportion to the loads total weight or volume and payable charges.


Please Note: Prorating billable charges is only supported with loads. Prorating at the shipment level is not supported and the only workaround is to create a load when processing a single shipment.


For further information and to illustrate the setup and functionality of prorated billable charges please reference Prorating Billable Charges (Doc ID 625398.1)

YouTube.pngGet an overview of #JDEdwards new Scheduler User Interface available in Orchestrator Studio with Tools Release 9.2.4 -

QuestIcon2.pngAttend this Quest session on November 21 for an in-depth discussion of Joint Venture Management functionality available in #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne Financials. Register here -

Reader.pngIn the 9.1 release, Voucher Match Automation capabilities were added to the standard software, but that process did not include support for any voucher Localizations. The process has now been updated and is able to produce vouchers that comply with all supported Brazilian localizations. This new KM document talks about the bugs and implementations for the new capabilities. Doc ID 2598708.1.

Reader.pngArgentina has its own unique way of setting up legal next numbers. For Argentina Localization, when an invoice is created, the system needs to have a legal number. This new KM document outlines the setup for legal next numbers. Doc ID 2598686.1.

Many customers have requested the functionality to use the Batch Transportation Shipment Confirmation UBE (R49500) to confirm Standard and Standard Intransit loads. With the 9.2 enhancement available in the ESU for Bug 13012700, Batch Transportation Shipment Confirmation (R49500) has been modified to allow confirmation of Standard and Standard Intransit loads. Compartmentalized and Compartmentalized Intransit loads cannot be confirmed in batch and still must be confirmed interactively using Work with Loads / Load Confirmation (P4960/P49640).


Two new processing options have been added to R49500. The first processing option allows users to choose to retain the current functionality to disable load confirmation or to activate the functionality to enable load confirmation. The second new processing option  allows users to specify a version of Transportation Load Confirmation (P49640) during the load confirmation process. The P49640 version indicates the load, shipment, and sales order status values used for confirming standard Intransit and standard Non-Intransite loads.


For complete information, see our knowledge document Transportation Batch Ship Confirm (R49500) Allows Confirmation of Standard and Standard Intransit Loads (Doc ID 2161470.1)

workshop.jpgJoin Oracle Partner GSI for a free hands-on workshop on November 19 held in Irvine, CA to walk you through the #JDE EnterpriseOne #Orchestrator feature. More details here -

YouTube.pngWatch this #JDEdwards tutorial of form extensibility to know how to simplify your business processes by calling #Orchestrations from forms without customizations -

Data purge issues are reduced with improvements delivered in the Item Balance Purge process. The closed statuses used for work orders, sales orders, and purchase orders was limited, constraining which locations were purged. Now that closed statuses are user-defined, all locations can be purged as needed.


Additionally, with the newly implemented enhancement of Bug 21129776 - ABLE TO DELETE SECONDARY LOCATIONS WHEN WORKORDER STATUS IS NOT COMPLETE IN F3111 (9.1 and 9.2 Releases), three new UDC's have been added; 41/WC, 41/SP, and 41/PP.  If there are no values entered for either of these UDCs when attempting to delete a location, the system will perform a wide open search against F4801 preventing deletion of the location and user will experience error returned that there are open orders.  To resolve, add UDC values.


More information could be found on following documents:

  • Inventory Purge Programs (R4101P / R4102P) (Doc ID 1322000.1)
  • P41024 Deleting a Secondary Location Checks Work Order Status in F3111 Work Order Parts List (Doc ID 2012956.1)

When planning requirements change, planning systems will increase or decrease order quantities or expedite and defer the dates to match the new requirements.


But some of these messages can be considered as nothing more than nervousness.  While it might be important to increase or decrease quantities to match the change in demand, an expedite or a defer message, of less than 2 or 3 days, may not be a business requirement, or may be viewed as just nervousness of the system.  Not a good thing.


Defer and Expedite.


What is defer and expedite anyway?  How important is that?


Defer means the order isn't needed as soon as originally planned, that it can be delayed (deferred) for a time.  Perhaps some safety stock inventory has been completed or there has been a return and the supply order isn’t needed as early as originally projected.   If the supply comes in as planned, can the excess inventory be carried until the day of the requirement?


Expedite is when the inventory is not meeting requirements and that future order is needed sooner than expected.  How long can the item be on back order and still meet client expectations for quick delivery?


Reducing Nervousness


When the business requirements permit, then the system nervousness can be reduced by delaying the replenishment for a period of time or by carrying the inventory for a time.


Damper Days


The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Requirements Planning system has Damper Days just for this purpose. Setting a damper day value in the R3482/R3483 processing options, allows the planning engine to only create a defer or expedite message when the change is greater than the damper days.  Is it OK to back order an item for 2 or 3 days, but not more?  Then set the expedite damper days to the number of days that reduces nervousness, but does not impact meeting customer expectations.


Is it OK to carry 4 or more days of inventory so that orders are not rescheduled to later dates?  Then set the defer damper days to a number of days that an order can come in early to reduce nervousness without a great inventory holding cost.


When balancing the planning data setup, assigning the item lead times, safety stock levels, and min max multiples, you can also consider the planning damper days as another tool in the toolbox to reduce the system nervousness and help those planners focus on the real issues for the day.


Are you using Damper Days to reduce nervousness?  If so, would you ever go back to not using Damper Days?  If you are not, does this sound like an option in your business? Why or Why not?


I encourage you to discuss, what are you doing in your business to reduce nervousness?

OLL.jfifAdditional automation is available for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with the introduction of the Terraform stage server on the #Oracle Cloud marketplace. This new image replaces manual steps and reduces setup time by accelerating the provisioning of the #JDEdwards reference architecture through One-Click. See the learning path for more info -

YouTube.pngWant to reduce the repetitive task of editing grid rows manually? Want to update 100 order lines in just one click? Now you can use #JDEdwards orchestrations to do just that. Watch this YouTube video to learn how.

JDE_love.pngIntroducing the newly redesigned Orchestrator Studio and new Scheduler user interface in #JDEdwards Tools Release 9.2 Update 4. The new design further simplifies creating and scheduling orchestrations for non-technical users. Learn more with the brand new Orchestrator Guide for Studio 9.2.4 -

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides information needed for XML mapping for Taiwan-GUI. Doc ID 2598127.1.

Reader.pngThe Electronic Government Uniform Invoice (e-GUI) will replace the current Computer Government Uniform Invoice (c-GUI). It is officially announced to be enforced across all industries in Taiwan by January 2020. The issuing of e-GUI is mandatory now for newly registered Taiwan enterprises. The Ministry of Finance has been actively enforcing all the new enterprises in Taiwan to issue e-GUI. View ESU and implementation information in this new KM document. Doc ID 2598112.1.

Reader.pngGeneral Resolution 830 has been amended. There are three Articles in this General Resolution. Article 3 requires setting two different withholding percentage for suppliers who are individual and corporate suppliers at the company level. The changes to the existing Argentine solution to support these requirements for EnterpriseOne Releases 9.0, 9.1, 9.2 are now available. Refer to this new KM document for more information. Doc ID 2595966.1.

OLL.jfifWith #JDEdwards Tools Release 9.2 Update 4, cash call management is now supported. To see the complete joint venture process and learn more about cash calls, review the “Creating and Managing Joint Ventures” learning path.

YouTube.pngBase form security is now available with #JDEdwards Tools Release 9.2.4. Watch and learn how system administrators can secure the form to be the only interface when using form personalization to create a new user experience - 

LearnJDE_new.pngIf you missed the #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.2 Update 4 announcement last week, view it now for information on #Orchestrator enhancements that drive digital process transformation, significant improvements in user experience, operational simplification features, updated platform certifications, and multiple application features, such as the complete Joint Venture Management solution and customer-driven ERP enhancements in Financials, Manufacturing, HCM and Order Management -

QXW.pngRegister now for Quest Experience Week’s JD Edwards Day on November 15 to gain insight into the latest hot features from #JDEdwards to help you drive your business forward to digital transformation. View the full agenda here -

Reader.pngThis new KM document details the steps to change the password for the user defined in jde.ini on Enterprise Server used to start the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne services (e.g. JDE). Doc ID 2594784.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document addresses frequently asked questions concerning EEO-1 Component 2. Doc ID 2591348.1.

Reader.pngAs of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne release 9.2, a new enhancement was added to allow selecting on All Vouchers, Posted Vouchers and Unposted Vouchers when selecting pay items for payment in the Manual Payment application (P0413M), form W0413ME. Find information about the ESU for the enhancement in this new KM document Doc ID 2591558.1.

QuestIcon2.png#JDEdwards digital platform acts as a foundation to streamline and optimize your business processes. Attend this Quest Oracle Community session on November 15 presented by Angela Enyeart to know everything about #JDE digital platform -

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undefinedGaining real-time insights from your vast stores of data while driving digital transformation puts technology executives at the center of an organization’s business strategy. In this article from Forbes, learn how to gain insights from other companies who have begun this journey -

Collab20_blk.pngCOLLABORATE 2020 is coming soon. Attending this event will help you transform your business through @Oracle roadmaps, over 1000+ user best-practice sessions, training, and certification opportunities, hands-on demos, and hundreds of partners and solutions. For more information visit

Reader.pngWith the enhancements delivered this month, we are announcing EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.2 Update 4, which includes Orchestrator enhancements to drive digital process transformation, significant improvements in user experience, operational simplification features, along with updated platform certifications. Continuing our commitment to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications, we are also announcing the availability of the complete Joint Venture Management solution in addition to customer-driven ERP enhancements in Financials, Manufacturing, HCM and Order Management, along with legislative and localization updates. Check out the details in KM Doc ID: 2606348.1.

Reader.pngItalian entities are required to file Esterometro report from January 2019 onward for all purchase sale transactions with Non-Italian entities. This new KM document provides information about the enhancement request added to E1 for this functionality and provides links to th documentation to use it. Doc ID 2590066.1.

Reader.pngIt is possible to use the Equipment Time Billing functionality where an asset is billed to a job and subsequently an invoice is sent. The goal is to utilize the equipment rates set up in the P1301 and create T type journal entries from the P12110. The resulting journal entries would then move to the Service Billing workfile (F4812) to be available for invoicing and Accounts Receivable. This new KM document explains how to achieve this. Doc ID 2601302.1.

Reader.pngCheck payments have been issued, for example to business consultants, where the checks have never been cashed. The checks are then considered Unclaimed or Abandoned Property. This new KM document explains how these abandoned/unclaimed checks can be distinguished from any other payments, so that these can be included in a report if requested. Doc ID 2595908.1.

KathieS -Oracle

JD Edwards EMEA Tour

Posted by KathieS -Oracle Nov 6, 2019

JDEdwards.pngAre you located in #EMEA? Is your organization using #JDEdwards?  Join us in your city of choice to hear from our product experts and the investments we are making in EnterpriseOne 9.2.

London Nov 12

Madrid Nov 14

Utrecht Nov 19

Milan Nov 20 

Paris Nov 21

workshop.jpgJoin Oracle partner GSI at a free, hands-on workshop in Irvine, CA on November 19 to learn how #JDEdwards Orchestrator helps your organization analyze, automate, and integrate your data.

QXW2.pngDon’t miss the #JDEdwards day of Quest Experience Week scheduled on November 15, 2019. A day packed full of digital education sessions designed to provide strategic insight and how-to-education for #JDE users of all levels. More QXW details

QuestIcon2.pngKnow what’s new in the latest #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne Tools release and get insight about how future releases will continue to accelerate your business transformation to #Digital in this Quest Oracle Community webinar on November 7. Register here

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides an understanding of how account data can be retrieved from Real Estate Management to be used for AREF forecasting applications. Doc ID 2595365.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how you can use 'Text Substitution' to pass the same input value into multiple fields using the Orchestration::Form Service Request. Doc ID 2595003.1.

Reader.pngA new Processing Option has been added to the Purchase Order Entry application (P4310), '17. Display Service Units'. This new KM document explains the usage of this new Processing Option. Doc ID 2594619.1.

Batch Release Credit Holds / R425550


As opposed to the Interactive Credit Hold Release (P43070) application, Batch Release Credit Holds (R425550) edits the following and both must be in place in order for this UBE to successfully process:

  1. P03013 and P42050 for the AN8 Sold To Address must not be over the current defined Credit Limit.
  2. P42090 Order Hold Information must have the same Person Responsible defined as the user who is running R425550


For additional details on Credit Checking within EnterpriseOne, please take a moment to review Credit Checking in Sales (Doc ID 2319760.2).


Note: If the correct person responsible is not specified within data selection then a proper error or warning message should go to the work center and system should not place transaction in Record Reservation, for more information please see P42550 Release Credit Hold Gives Sales Order Record Reserved Error ID 4654 (Doc ID 2592082.1).

OracleUniversity.pngWhy migrate from World to #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 9.2?  Adopt features found only in 9.2 including mobile, improved user experience, and orchestrator to digitally transform your business. View our “The Time is Now” webinar recording -

Oracle_JD Edwards-18.pngOn November 5, join Oracle and Circle K to hear how their organization met the growing demands to modernize IT by moving #JDEdwards to #Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, speeding their transformational growth. Register at

ITOUG.pngJoin Angela Enyeart in Milan on November 20 at the JDE Italian User Group to hear about product updates, roadmap and customer successes stories.

LearnJDE_new.pngComplete daily tasks in an intuitive, efficient, and effective way with #JDEdwards #UXOne. Check this LearnJDE page for more details and customer success stories -

Paris Oracle Users Group.pngHear from Jeff Erickson and Angela Enyeart sharing insights on #JDEdwards features and the paths you can take to achieve digital benefits. Scheduled on November 21 at Oracle City Office, Paris.

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