Batch Release Credit Holds / R425550


As opposed to the Interactive Credit Hold Release (P43070) application, Batch Release Credit Holds (R425550) edits the following and both must be in place in order for this UBE to successfully process:

  1. P03013 and P42050 for the AN8 Sold To Address must not be over the current defined Credit Limit.
  2. P42090 Order Hold Information must have the same Person Responsible defined as the user who is running R425550


For additional details on Credit Checking within EnterpriseOne, please take a moment to review Credit Checking in Sales (Doc ID 2319760.2).


Note: If the correct person responsible is not specified within data selection then a proper error or warning message should go to the work center and system should not place transaction in Record Reservation, for more information please see P42550 Release Credit Hold Gives Sales Order Record Reserved Error ID 4654 (Doc ID 2592082.1).