Data purge issues are reduced with improvements delivered in the Item Balance Purge process. The closed statuses used for work orders, sales orders, and purchase orders was limited, constraining which locations were purged. Now that closed statuses are user-defined, all locations can be purged as needed.


Additionally, with the newly implemented enhancement of Bug 21129776 - ABLE TO DELETE SECONDARY LOCATIONS WHEN WORKORDER STATUS IS NOT COMPLETE IN F3111 (9.1 and 9.2 Releases), three new UDC's have been added; 41/WC, 41/SP, and 41/PP.  If there are no values entered for either of these UDCs when attempting to delete a location, the system will perform a wide open search against F4801 preventing deletion of the location and user will experience error returned that there are open orders.  To resolve, add UDC values.


More information could be found on following documents:

  • Inventory Purge Programs (R4101P / R4102P) (Doc ID 1322000.1)
  • P41024 Deleting a Secondary Location Checks Work Order Status in F3111 Work Order Parts List (Doc ID 2012956.1)