Sometimes EnterpriseOne clients encounter a business scenario where the requirement is to calculate Billable Charges proportionately divided among multiple deliveries, based on the Payable charges of a load. The idea is that each of the customers that receive a delivery on a load should share the cost of the load in proportion to the relative size (based on weight or volume) of their delivery.



For this purpose EnterpriseOne has the option to set up a Rate Definition (P4970) for the Billable Charge with a Rate Type (FRTP) = 4  - Prorated Amount and enables users to choose as the Pro-rate Basis between weight or volume (PRTB = 1 or 2). This will serve as a basis for computing these prorated billable charges in proportion to the loads total weight or volume and payable charges.


Please Note: Prorating billable charges is only supported with loads. Prorating at the shipment level is not supported and the only workaround is to create a load when processing a single shipment.


For further information and to illustrate the setup and functionality of prorated billable charges please reference Prorating Billable Charges (Doc ID 625398.1)