For some companies the end of year is approaching soon on December 31 and it is recommended to check and see whether encumbrances/commitments are in balance prior of running the R4317 Encumbrance Rollover.


In addition, we added a new knowledge document that talks about some changes in a previous release that affects functionality to cancel/close requisitions (OR) using R4317. Please refer to Mass Cancel Or Closure of Requisitions (OR) Using R4317 if Document Type is not Setup on the 40/CT UDC (Doc ID 2588550.1).


As you are aware we have several knowledge documents that will guide you through this process. Prior of starting with the year end process in procurement, it is advised to be "Code Current" on all objects that affect commitment/encumbrance processing.
We have a Change Assistant Pre-Defined Query to help you get Code Current.  It is described in this knowledge document:
  • Change Assistant Pre-Defined Query For Encumbrance / Commitment Objects(Doc ID 1945124.1)


After making sure you are code current, the next step is to run the Commitment Integrity Report (R40910) in proof mode to get an idea of where you are. Depending on the results, here are some knowledge documents that will assist you:

  • Checklist for Troubleshooting Commitment/Encumbrance Integrity Issues (Doc ID 657403.1) Excellent document.  Step by step things to check to troubleshoot issues.  If you don't read anything else, read this one!
  • Encumbrance/Commitment Processing (Doc ID 625480.1) The basics of how Encumbrances/Commitments work
  • Commitment/Encumbrance Best Practices (Doc ID 646593.1An overview of all documents related to Encumbrance/Commitment processing
  • Commitment / Encumbrance FAQ (Doc ID 625641.1) An FAQ document that covers General, Integrity, and Purge, Rebuild, and Repost questions
  • Encumbrance Purge / Rebuild / Repost Process (Doc ID 625633.1) A good step-by-step overview of how to run this process to assist in fixing integrity problems.
  • Encumbrance Rollover (R4317) (Doc ID 625473.1) An explanation of the year end process of running the Encumbrance Rollover report.
  • Suggestion if R4317 Encumbrance Rollover Was Not Performed (Doc ID 1338685.1)


As always, please feel free to post general questions in Distribution - JDE1 (MOSC)