dollar signs.jpgFunctionality has been added in the 9.2 release to create separate General Ledger (F0911) journal entries for procurement price adjustments. When a procurement voucher is created with the new 4371 AAI configured, the system saves the actual cost and adjustment amounts in separate accounts associated with this AAI in the General Ledger table (F0911).


If the 4371 AAI is not configured, the system does not separate the journal entries for advanced pricing adjustments.


Adjustment types Accrued to GL and Rebate are not applicable for the 4371 AAI.


For additional information, see our knowledge document Actual Cost and Adjustment Amount AAI (4371) Introduced to Separate General Ledger (F0911) Entries for Procurement Price Adjustments Created in Match Voucher to Open Receipt (P4314) (Doc ID 2643177.1)