mail.jpgApproval processing has been enhanced to pass a user identified P43081 version dynamically so that the hyperlink will be populated with the correct version.


The originator can define the version of the Purchase Order Approvals program (P43081) while placing an order. The approver can also define the version of the P43081 program while approving or rejecting the order. The version of the P43081 program specified by the originator can be different from the version specified by the approver.


When a Purchase Order is entered in the Purchase Order Entry program (P4310) and awaits approval, the system sends mail notification to the approver. When the order is approved or rejected in Purchase Order Approvals (P43081), the system sends email notification to the originator.  When the approval authority is transferred in Work With Approval Level Revisions (P43008) or when approval authority is delegated in Work With Approval Delegation (P43280), the system sends the email notification for pending approval orders to new the approver.  While using the hyperlink from the email, approval review program (P43081) always launched with the hard-coded ZJDE0001 version.


For more information, see our document Purchase Order Approval (P43081) Enhanced to Allow User Defined Email Notification Version (Doc ID 2643135.1)