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LearnJDE_new.pngCheck out the new Announcement Timeline page on #LearnJDE. Get a high-level overview of Oracle JD Edwards announcements -

Reader.pngA new enhancement has been delivered to audit the activities performed on each batch of general ledger transaction; such as: who created the batch, when a batch was created , when the batch status was updated (approved, posted, reopened, reapproved, reposted, or deleted). An inquiry application (P00119 - G/L Batch Status History Inquiry) has been provided to review the batch status history. Refer to this new KM document for information about the ESU to install for implementing this new functionality. Doc ID 2648056.1.

Reader.pngThe Cash Basis error handling has been enhanced to improve user experience.  When the report is processing a record and it runs into a failure, a detailed message will be written to the Work Center.  The report will display the error message: Master Business Function Failure, see Work Center for details. Refer to this new KM document for information about the ESU to install for implementing the new functionality. Doc ID 2648034.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how to specify the 'greater than or equal to' operator in a JSON request for a data service request. Doc ID 2647719.1.

Reader.pngStarting with Tools Release, you can view the blob data as a string in Databrowser utility. This new KM document provides the steps and screen prints of what it will look like. Doc ID 2647652.1.

Oracle_JD Edwards-18.pngExplore the benefits of #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 in this updated #JDEdwards Roadmap -

OLL.jfifDo you know you can now automatically credit a service order to reduce error? Watch this quick tour -

JD Edwards has been working on some requested functionality for Real Estate Management which include changes to facility set up, lease attachments, Sales Overage, global updates and subledgers for lease accounting.


Please see Enhancements for 9.2 Real Estate Management as of April 2020 (Doc ID 2663915.1) for the links to the ESUs to download and apply the new functionality.

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LearnJDE_new.pngPremier support for #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 is extended through at least 2031! Read more on our Lifetime Support Policy LearnJDE page -

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how to manually update the Cumulative Quantity (CMQT) and Cumulative Amount (CUMA) in the Item ASOF File (F41112). Doc ID 2647155.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides the instructions, with screen prints, to create a Credit Order from history using EDI. Doc ID 2646699.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how to determine what UDOs or Composite Pages are available for a given application module, e.g. Purchasing. Doc ID 2645876.1.

Reader.pngThis document provides the procedure that needs to be followed for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne LDAP authentication migration from one domain to another where the usernames are different than the first domain. Doc ID 2645803.1.

DigitalEvent_textonly.pngMissed #JDEdwards Keynote session with Lyle Ekdahl? Watch the recordings of Keynote and Roadmap sessions on our new Collaborate Innovation Week page on LearnJDE -

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This blog will help you to debug your Orchestration using Orchestrator Studio Debugger. From Tools Release , we can debug the Orchestration Object from Orchestrator Studio.

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator provides a way to debug your orchestrations. Debug Orchestrations is the tool that you can use to determine the state of your orchestration at any point during execution. Debug Orchestrations provides a view into an orchestration, enabling the designer to run an orchestration step-by-step and ensure that the data is correct at each step until the final orchestration output


As orchestrations become more complex, orchestration designers need a view of the data that is passed from one step to another to ensure that the orchestration is working as designed. Use the Debug Orchestrations to stop execution so that you can see the state of the orchestration at a specific point by reviewing the values of input parameters, output parameters, and variables. When the orchestration execution is stopped, you can review the output line by line to check for issues.

Orchestration debugger will be invoked when we click on the "Debug" button  

RLtn Orchestrations Name Description Raw Name SR_lnput_AB ORCH FOIOI Fetch data from FOIOI Send Blank Values Value Clear Debug O Run

Below features are available in Orchestrator Debugger


  • Run - Runs an orchestration until completion unless you set up breakpoints. If you set breakpoints, this option executes an orchestration till the breakpoint is reached or resumes a suspended orchestration.
  • Step Forward - Executes the orchestration one step at a time. When a step has been executed successfully, a green check mark appears on the step.
  • Stop Orchestration - Stops the execution of an orchestration.
  • Orchestration input - Shows or hides the dialog box to enter or edit the initial orchestration inputs.
  • Clear Break points - Removes all the breakpoints that you have set for the orchestration in the debug mode.
  • Close the debugger - Exits Debug Orchestrations.

000000 Debug Orchestration Last Step Input Variable Output Input Key No data to display.

For this demo purpose , we create the below simple orchestration to verify whether AB number is present in the system and notify via mail.


Follow the below steps to debug the Orchestration


  • Login into Orchestrator Studio
  • Select the Orchestration
  • Click Run Orchestration



  • We can set the break point by selecting the circle highlighted in the below screenshot

Breakpoints enable you to define where or when to halt the execution of an orchestration. You use breakpoints to run the orchestration until it reaches a certain step.


In the debug mode, a blue circle appears to the right of the step in the orchestration flow. You can set a breakpoint by clicking either the blue circle or the step in the orchestration flow. A blue dot appears next to the orchestration step indicating that the breakpoint has been set.


If you set a breakpoint and click the Run/Resume icon on the Debug Orchestrations panel, the orchestration runs until it encounters that step. To continue execution after the breakpoint, you can use the Run/Resume or Step Forward icons on the Debug Orchestrations panel.

  • Success condition debug flow

True False Start SR_F0101 MSG send AB success Noti... o

  • Failure condition debug flow

     o Sta o MSG_send AE success_Noti... o True False Rule Valid AB

  • Data Section information - The Data tab displays all the available data that the orchestration consumes and generates, which includes the data that the orchestration consumes from a step. This tab displays the following information:


Step Variables. Displays all the variables created by the steps that have been executed. Variables from steps are added to the top of the list, so the most recent variables are shown at the top. Variables of single values like strings and numbers can be changed before resuming the orchestration. Variables containing arrays or JSON objects are read only.


Orchestration Inputs. Displays the values for inputs that were defined initially to start the orchestration.


System Values. Displays the values for the default inputs: User Address Book Number, User Name, System Date, and Orchestration Input. The values for these inputs represent the originator of the orchestration when executed at runtime. The system values are not editable as these are fixed for an orchestration.


History. Displays a record of the of the values for a variable that is overwritten. For each overwritten variable, click the History icon displayed in its row. The History dialog box lists the orchestration steps where the specific variable is used along with the values. Similarly, the Output tab displays the history of the overwritten output values.

000000 Debug Orchestration Data Input Key SR FOIOI Address Number Alpha Name Business Unit SR_F0101.output Orchestration Inputs System Values Last Step Input Variable Ou tput Financial/Distribution Company

  • Last Step section information - Displays the outputs generated from the previous step that was executed in the orchestration.

SR_f010' Rule_Va

000000 Debug Orchestration Data 1 "SR 8101": "tableld": " "rowset " : Last Step Ou tput FOIØI" , "Address Number": "1", "Alpha Name": "Financial/Distribution Company" , "Business unit". "records": "moreRecords": false

  • Output section information - Displays the accumulative output generated for all the steps in the orchestration until the breakpoint.


000000 Debug Orchestration "tableld": "FØIOI", Data "SR FOIe1": "rowset" : Last Step Output "Address Number": "1" "Alpha Name": "Financial/t)istribution Company" , "Business Unit": " "records": 1, "moreRecords": false

For more information refer the guide -->  Debugging an Orchestration (Release

OLL.jfifLearn how you can effectively manage jobs and projects using #JDEdwards Project Status Inquiry in this learning path. Know more -

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains with steps and screen prints how you can link to Google Maps using latitude and longitude into the Details tab of the Equipment Master Location Details (P17041 W17041A). Doc ID 2645490.1.

Reader.pngCapabilities have been added to the Brazil solution that incorporates the requirements identified in the Nota Fiscal Technical Note (NT) nº 2/2016, version 1.60, which changes the layout of the fiscal document. This KM document provides information about the changes and the ESU required to get the changes for EnterpriseOne. Doc ID 2644971.1.

Reader.pngWhen the you  create a progress payment voucher,  it is created with a hold payment status. This new KM document explains what program to use to revise the pay status of the voucher to A (Approved) for payment processing. Doc ID 2644966.1.

Reader.pngAdditional logging, such as debug logging, for Java Connector can be enabled using file, which is present in the same location of jdeinterop.ini and the calling connector application. This new KM document provides the information to enable the settings. Doc ID 2644541.1.

LearnJDE_new.pngStill considering a move of your #JDEdwards instances to 64-bit? Get high level understanding of how #JDE supports 64-bit processing and read success stories on this LearnJDE page -

YouTube.pngWatch this YouTube video to know about features available in #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 that will help you accelerate your journey towards becoming a #Digital business.

LearnJDE_new.pngCheck out the new #JDEdwards Announcements Timeline on #LearnJDE to get a high-level view of our application enhancements.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides a list of the steps to setup and process procurement rebates, then provides an example with screen prints. Doc ID 2644047.1.

Reader.pngUsers can manually update the shipment weight in the Shipment Pieces form (W4915D), which cause a difference between the shipment weight and sales order weight. This new KM document explains the functionality and potential. Doc ID 2643959.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains the different values and meanings for the Create Sales Order Status (CRTSOSTS) field in the Demand Detail table (F40R11). Doc ID 2643955.1.

PremierSupport_2031.pngOracle announces an extension to our Premier Support policy for #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 9.2. Oracle Premier Support provides comprehensive maintenance and software updates for your EnterpriseOne 9.2 release through AT LEAST 2031.

OLL.jfifLearn how to rapidly create and deploy your own #mobile apps using a combination of a browser-based development environment and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne orchestrations. The new “Build Your Own Mobile Application” learning path shows you how by leveraging #JDEdwards Orchestrator Studio and Oracle’s Visual Builder Cloud Service. Start now

DigitalEvent_textonly.pngGain insights into modernizing your #JDEdwards platform with Jeff Erickson, Neil Pugh and a customer panel on April 20. Find out more about adopting technology updates to transform your business. Register today for this Quest Oracle Community webinar -

Reader.pngWithin AIS server config and Form Service request, there are Page Size, Cache settings and timeouts. This new KM document explains these options. Doc ID 2643652.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how to use the data selection and Processing Options of the PO Print (R43500) to differentiate EDI orders from non-EDI orders. Doc ID 2643556.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how to create a sales order that only goes into fulfillment if the sales order detail branch is from a particular branch. Doc ID 2643516.1.

Reader.pngThis new Information Center is designed to consolidate product related information that may be valuable to you in dealing with business impacts from the  Coronavirus (COVID-19). You'll find resources and KM documents, as they are created, related to COVID-19. There ar links to KM documents for JD Edwards support for the Families First Coronavirus Response Act for EnterpriseOne and World. Doc ID 2653439.2.

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In Sales Order Processing, sales order invoices may be generated several days prior to processing the orders through Sales Update. Historically, Invoice Print (R42565) and Sales Update (R42800) did not have the functionality to update the exchange rate based on the invoice date. Sales Order Batch Price / Cost Update (R42950) has been enhanced to provide the functionality to update the exchange rate based on the invoice date when calling from R42565 or R42800. Doc ID 2302364.1.

Reader.pngIn Purchase Order Approvals (P43081) while using the e-mail link from the e-mail for approvals, the application has historically called the ZJDE0001 version. The functionality has been enhanced to add logic to pass a user identified P43081 version dynamically so that the hyperlink will be populated with the correct version. Doc ID 2643135.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how to convert the date format when the Date format in the output is yyyyMMdd but a subsequent Form request expects the date to be MM/dd/yyyy.  Doc ID 2641661.1.

LearnJDE_new.pngIf you missed last week’s announcement of Tools Release, read it now to see how we are continuing our commitment to #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne with customer-driven enhancements, #ERP optimization, and #digitaltransformation.

OBUG1.pngAre you optimizing the control and usability of your Address Book? Learn about #JDEdwards Address Book improvements and see a demo. Join Karen Brown for this Oracle Benelux User Group webinar on April 16. Find it here -

Starting with Tools Release we have the following improvements in Page Composer:


Overview of the the Page Composer Enhancements:

  • When using the EnterpriseOne Application option in Page Composer the designer now have the opportunity to choose the Personal Form and/or Query available to the selected form/version.
  • For Applications Tiles the designer now can choose the Personal Form and/or Query available for the form/version.
  • There is a new content type for composite pages called Menu Pane.


This information is detailed in E1: E1PAGE: How to Create, Manage, Edit Composite Pages with E1Page Composer with Tools Release and Newer (Doc ID 2098201.2)


For more information on the latest Tools Releases available, access the Update Center and select EnterpriseOne Tool Releases from the left menu.

LearnJDE_new.pngWith #JDEdwards #Notifications, you can receive important business information on-the-go to act upon it immediately. Know more about it on our LearnJDE page -

LearnJDE_new.pngContinuing our commitment to #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne, we announce the availability of Tools Release and customer-driven application enhancements. This release is focused on ERP optimization, digital process transformation, and simplifying & automating the maintenance of EnterpriseOne. Read more at

DigitalEvent.pngJoin Jeff Erickson on April 20 to know how you can leverage benefits of #JDEdwards new technologies to transform your business. Register today for this Quest webinar -

Reader.pngSales Update (R42800) has been enhanced in the 9.2 release to create zero balance adjustment general ledger entries (F0911) for all cost methods. Prior to the enhancement, zero balance adjustments were written only for cost method 07, standard cost. Doc ID 2640788.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides the steps to create an orchestration that will retrieve rows of records from a Data Request and for each record, call another service request. Doc ID 2640695.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides a couple of possible solutions to create a hard error message when entering items into a Sales Order for customers not allow to order the particular items. Doc ID 2640287.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides a listing of Known Issues and Workarounds for the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.2.4.x Updates. Doc ID 2606800.1.

Look!.pngToday we are announcing EnterpriseOne Tools Release, which includes Orchestrator enhancements to drive digital process transformation, significant improvements in user experience, features to simplify and automate the ongoing maintenance of JD Edwards, along with updated platform certifications.


Continuing our commitment to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications, we are also announcing the delivery of high value customer driven enhancements that can be easily implemented focusing on user productivity, extending business processes and support for new business processes in many applications across JD Edwards including Capital Asset Management, Financials, Grower Management, HCM, Inventory, Manufacturing, Order Management, Procurement, Project Costing, Quality Management, Real Estate, Service Management and Warehouse Management along with legislative, regulatory and localization updates. Doc ID 2654468.1.

DigitalEvent.pngDiscover benefits of #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 that will help you transform your business into a digital leader in this Roadmap session on April 20. Presented by Robert Monahan and Gary Grieshaber from Oracle. Register now with Quest Oracle Community at



CORRECTION: Bob and Gary's session is on April 20, not April 21.

DigitalEvent.pngExplore how you can use #Digital platforms to transform and reimagine your business in this #JDEdwards Keynote session on April 20 presented by Lyle Ekdahl - Senior Vice President, Oracle. Register now with Quest Oracle Community at

Reader.pngWe are closely monitoring reports and resources to support future changes to #JDEdwards Payroll. Tax calculations and other legislative requirements for the Families First Response Act can be found at: EnterpriseOne World

Reader.pngThis new KM document contains FAQs for payroll hourly rate derivation. Doc ID 2640203.1.

Reader.pngIt is possible to update specific fields on a purchase order such as line number, quantity and promised delivery date from a spreadsheet sent in from a remote location where the users do not have access the EnterpriseOne software. This new KM document explains how you can use the EnterpriseOne Spreadsheet Import Assistant to update fields in a Purchase Order which are not locked. Doc ID 2639835.1.

Reader.pngDuring the installation of E1Local instance on a web development Client, the listener is configured to listen on the hostname or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). Everything works fine on Development Client, but it is required to secure the inbound communication on development Client and allow inbound connections only for localhost and exclude the communication using hostname or Fully Qualified Domain Name. This new KM document provides the required procedure to change the hostname the listener is listening on. Doc ID 2639492.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains which Distribution AAI was used by Sales Update (R42800) to create the Journal Entries (F0911) for the Sales Amount and the Price Adjustment on an Order Type SA sales order (Samples) which is "sold" for an amount of zero because of a price adjustment that subtracts 100% of the price. Doc ID 2639225.1.

QuestIcon2.pngCapex, an Argentina based energy company upgraded to #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 to leverage our latest features. Read their upgrade story at Quest Oracle Community

Collab20.pngSave the date. We’ll deliver a series of live #JDEdwards Keynote and Roadmap sessions digitally on April 20. Join Lyle Ekdahl, Bob Monahan, Gary Grieshaber and Jeff Erickson for updates on your JDE solutions.

Reader.pngThis new KM document talks about the impact of changing the mailing address on open and closed Sales Orders. Doc ID 2639193.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides an example to calculate the total (sum) of column values in a table using orchestration. Doc ID 2638066.1.

attention.jpgPremier Support for applications release 9.1 ended on March 31, 2020. While you can remain on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 and continue to acquire Sustaining Support for access to our Global Services team, as well as access to existing fixes for known 9.1 issues, we highly recommend you consider upgrading to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 is part of the Applications Unlimited commitment to continuous innovation. Oracle JD Edwards provides a commitment to offer Oracle Premier Support through at least 2030. For more information, see Doc ID 2627276.1

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