monthly.jpgOutbound Inventory Management has been enhanced to provide users with the ability to Generate Outbound Billing Orders (R42I20) triggered by Report Consumption (P42I03)  on a monthly basis. Users would like to generate one sales order per Sold  To address not per Ship To, as the customer informs the business once a month of all sales done for sales in consignment, hence the customer is expecting to receive only one invoice.


New versions of Generate Outbound Billing Order (R42I20) are provided to allow users to generate one sales order per Sold To address.  The new versions use added logic along with specific data sequencing to generate the invoices.


See our document  E1: 42I: Generate Outbound Billing Order (R42I20) Triggered By Report Consumption (P42I03) Invoice By Sold To Monthly (Doc ID 2489940.1) for additional information and the objects updated.


Note: Support for Outbound Inventory Management functionality is available for customers who are licensed to the module. Confirmation of a valid contract is required when logging service requests for support of Outbound Inventory Management.