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Many JD Edwards customers have been implementing methods to automate Accounts Payable by eliminating or reducing the use of manual Voucher Match (P0411/P4314) processing.


Most customers are aware of EDI processing of procurement vouchers (Inbound Invoice/Match (Doc ID 625507.1) and Voucher Match Automation (Doc ID 1499920.1). Not every customer is aware that the Evaluated Receipts (R43800) process (Doc ID 625420.1) can also be used to automate AP voucher processing without requiring the invoice be sent from the supplier in the form of a pre-formatted text file.


When run in “proof mode” the Evaluated Receipts (R43800) program will populate the EDI tables without creating the voucher right away. Consider the flexibility this offers:

  1. The invoice number can be changed to match the number used on the supplier’s paper invoice.
  2. If there are added lines for freight, taxes or discounts on the paper invoice sent from the supplier, they can be added in the EDI tables (F47042 and F47044).
  3. If invoice amounts are different than the amounts on the receipt, the amounts can also be changed.
  4. Tolerance checking can also be done without requiring manual voucher entry for more information see Need To Set Up Tolerance Checking While Performing Voucher Match In Evaluated Receipt Processing (Doc ID 2691822.1).


After all the changes are made to the EDI tables, running the EDI Invoice Match (R470412) will automatically create the Voucher.


Evaluated Receipts (R43800) processing offers simpler implementation and more flexibility than EDI or Voucher Match Automation but it does not receive as much attention and is often overlooked. If you are considering ways to eliminate or reduce the use of manual Voucher Match (P0411/P4314) processing, make sure you look into Evaluated Receipts (R43800) processing.

report.jpgA new processing option has been added to the Commitment Integrity Report (R40910) to allow users the option of displaying small variances or omitting small variances from displaying on the report.


The functionality is available in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2. See our knowledge document Commitment Integrity Report (R40910) Processing Option to Omit Display of Small Variances (Doc ID 1620921.1)

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Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how you can correct duplicate journal entries created by Purchase Order Receipt (P4312) on a J line type  Purchase Order. Doc ID 2671986.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document answers the question If the Partial commit checkbox is checked on an Order Level Rule for the customer and the Minimum Order Fill% is 100%, will Auto Fulfillment (R4277701) commit the lines with inventory but not release them when Fulfillment Release (R4277703) is run? Doc ID 2670891.1.

YouTube.pngWatch this video to reimagine how you receive and act upon critical business data using #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne Notifications.

jde_activity_rules.pngWatch this video to learn how to set up and use the Work Order Activity Rules and Ledger  for #JDEdwards manufacturing.

Reader.pngThis new KM document provides instructions, with screen prints, how you can extract EnterpriseOne data, loop the results, and then send a customized message with the results. Doc ID 2670445.1.

Reader.pngThe U.S. government passed two major pieces of legislation in March 2020 to respond to the coronavirus pandemic: the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.  To accommodate new tax reporting requirements due to these Acts, the IRS has made significant changes to the Form 941 Employer Quarterly Tax Return.  These changes are due with the 2nd Quarter 2020 return.  The 2nd Quarter ends June 30, 2020 and the 941 return must be filed with the IRS by July 31, 2020. Doc ID 2669845.1.

jde_upgrade.pngCustomer Success: Wilbur-Ellis Company upgrades to #JDEdwards 9.2 in 6 months. Read more -

YouTube.pngWatch this video to learn how project managers can evaluate the financial status of projects including budgets, actuals, and forecasts using Oracle #JDEdwards Project Status Inquiry.

JDERoadmap1.pngHave you reviewed the latest #JDEdwards Roadmap? See the NEW Roadmap page on the Product Catalog tool to review all features that would be available with a future #JDEdwards release.

O_PremierSupport_clr.bmpA stable and predictable long-term support policy enables customers to maximize and expand their existing investments with ample time for future planning. Lifetime Support for #JDEdwards 9.2 is available through at least 2031!

LearnJDE_new.pngHow can you ensure a low cost of ownership of #JDEdwards applications while taking advantage of the latest innovations in the current JD Edwards releases? Simplify and Automate!

Reader.pngThis new KM document illustrates how to view audit history on PO approvals (approve, reject) including the approver who approved or rejected the purchase order or requisition. Doc ID 2669575.1.

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cegbu_blog_subscrip.jpgFive Key Steps to Improving Schedule Risk Management in Construction: Blog by Oracle Construction and Engineering.

UKOUG.pngJoin members of the #JDEdwards community on July 23 for an informal discussion on the latest JD Edwards updates including a roadmap presentation delivered by Paolo Moroni, Product Strategy Director, Oracle. Hosted by UKOUG. Register

Reader.pngThis new KM document illustrates how to set the processing options of the Create payment Control Group (R04570) UBE to prevent the UBE from selecting vouchers where the discount due date has passed but the net due date has not. Doc ID 2669472.1.

JDECompare_release_by_date.pngDid you know that you can use the new Product Catalog tool to compare #JDEdwards releases by date? Use the tool to stay #CodeCurrent with @OracleJDEdwards.

video.jpgLifeScan drives #innovation by moving #JDEdwards to the #cloud. Watch this video from Oracle.

LearnJDE_new.pngLearn how using Oracle Autonomous Database with #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 helps you achieve better efficiency, lower costs, and drive higher levels of innovation.

EnterpriseOne Tools Release is now available. It includes Orchestrator enhancements to drive digital process transformation, improvements in user experience and support for Oracle Autonomous Database. The capabilities with EnterpriseOne Tools Release supports Application Releases 9.1 and 9.2.


For more information, please refer to this annoucement.

YouTube.pngWatch this video to know how you can configure and personalize your user experience with #JDEdwards UXOne feature available with 9.2.

YouTube.pngNow use #JDEdwards form extensibility to add a new form or row exit, connect forms, and pass data. View the tutorial video here:

Reader.pngStarting with Tools Release you can now add a Menu Pane to a composed page. The menu pane enables you to navigate to EnterpriseOne menus or favorites on a composed page. The tasks displayed on the menu pane are labeled with task names and an associated image is displayed against each task name. Get more information about this new feature in Doc ID 2669104.1.

Starting with the 2020 1099 Year-End reporting, Nonemployee Compensation is no longer reported on the 1099 MISC form - box 7. Instead, it is reported on form 1099 NEC (Nonemployee Compensation). In addition, the 2020 1099 MISC form layout has changed with several boxes being in different positions.


JD Edwards EntrpriseOne is offering clients who are on release 9.2 the opportunity to test the upcoming changes now by delivering an ESU for testing purposes.


For more details, please refer to document E1: 1099: 2020 Year End Tax Reporting Changes for 1099 MISC and 1099 NEC ESU for Testing Purpose Release EnterpriseOne 9.2 (Doc ID 2690705.1).

JDELeaseUpdates.pngThe #JDEdwards Lessee Accounting learning path has been updated in accordance with the revised lessee accounting standards. Check this learning path:

OLL.jfifRead this whitepaper to learn about planned database maintenance while using Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB) with #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne Applications -

JDEApril2020Roadmap.pngDid you miss the #JDEdwards Roadmap and Product Update given by Robert Monahan and Gary Greishaber during Quest Innovation Week? Read about it now.

JDEBlue_Green.pngWould you like to have reduced downtime and improved high availability during #JDEdwards Tools deployment? Check out this new quick tour video and learn how Blue-Green Deployment provides both.

Reader.pngPower BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft. It aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end users to create their own reports and dashboards. A CafeOne layout with URL content is designed to dynamically link to Power BI reports. This new KM document provides an example of a Power BI Report URL link with dynamic filter in CafeOne. Doc ID 2669017.1.

In JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2, Voucher Match Automation for all rules now shows summarized pay items on the R4304020, R4304016, and R4304021 Voucher Match Automation reports when summarizing the Accounts Payable Ledger (F0411) summarized. Previously, the reports did not show the F0411 pay item(s) summarized when the actual F0411 pay items were summarized.


For ESU information including the objects updated, see  E1: 43: Voucher Match Automation Reports (R4304020, R4304016, R4304021) do not Summarize Accounts Payable Voucher Pay Items on Reports when Summarized in Accounts Payable Ledger (F0411) (Doc ID 2043005.1)

agreement.jpgIn JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2, a new processing option has been added to the Agreement Master to allow users to validate that an agreement partner (supplier/customer) has been placed on hold. Users can choose to set a warning message or an error message when the partner is on hold or not validate the hold code of the partner.


For additional information including the objects updated and a link to the ESU, see E1: 38: Agreement Master (P38010) Enhanced to Display Error During Agreement Creation if the Supplier is on Hold (Doc ID 2340829.1).

JDEQuest.pngLearn the importance of modernizing your #JDEdwards platform. Learn how your company can scale and embrace digital technologies that create connected, agile and real-time businesses. EnterpriseOne 9.2 transforms your business. Visit Quest website for more.

LearnJDE_new.png#JDEdwards application enhancements are focused on delivering high-value, customer-driven improvements in user productivity, extending existing business processes, and supporting new business processes. Tools enhancements that drive digital process transformation, significantly improve the user experience, simplify and automate ongoing maintenance, and provide updated platform certifications. See what’s new on the timeline on

Reader.pngTask Indexing is the process to identify the tasks that can be displayed and accessed by a role from EnterpriseOne. Task indexing is based on menu filtering where you can selectively enable or disable tasks by role in a task view. Read this new KM document for details about this new functionality introduced in Tools Release 9.2.1. Doc ID 2669014.1

Reader.pngThis new KM document has the resources and information you need to get started for implementing 64-bit processing, now available with Tools Releases 9.2.4 and above. Doc ID 2668720.1.

ProductCatalog_date.pngWhat’s new in #JDEdwards? Search Product Catalog by date for new features that allows your organization to adopt digital enablers with EnterpriseOne 9.2. See what new updates are available.

cloud.png#Cloud is more than a mere technology offering. For CIOs, it is a force elevating their roles to that of innovators and catalyzers of organizational growth. Read 8 Ways Cloud Is Transforming Business via Forbes.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how to include variables from a database operation into Orchestrator output. Doc ID 2668453.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains how the system determines order dates for a configured parent has a multi-level configured structure where configured children are transferred via ST/OT orders. Doc ID 2667941.1.

OracleLive_LarryEllison.pngJoin @Oracle Larry Ellison live on July 8 at 12 pm PDT as he shares the latest Oracle Cloud and database innovations, and discover how you can benefit from a new generation of cloud services that lower your costs, accelerate your business performance and raise your security to new levels. #OracleLive

OracleAutonomousDatabase.pngLeverage the capabilities of Oracle Autonomous Database with #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 to achieve better efficiency, lower costs and drive higher levels of innovation through complete automation of database management lifecycle.

search icon.jpgThe Supplier Catalog Revision form has been enhanced in the 9.2 release.  Previously, when a record  was selected on the Work with Supplier Catalog application, the selection criteria was not carried over to the Supplier Catalog revisions form. All records for the given supplier and catalog were displayed.


With the enhancement in 9.2, a new field Item Number has been added in the Work with Supplier Catalog form. If this field contains a value, then the supplier catalog revisions form will only show records for that item, supplier and catalog; otherwise if left blank, all records for catalog and supplier will be displayed on the revisions form. Also if item number is entered in header field, then updation or creation of records is allowed for only that item.


For additional information, see E1: 43: Supplier Catalog Revision (P41061|W41061B) Enhanced to Use Filter for Selection Criteria (Doc ID 1939654.1).

warning.pngOur Freight Update (R4981) program has been enhanced in the 9.2 and 9.1 releases to continue processing records after encountering an error message. Prior to the enhancement, R4981 stopped processing further records after successful processing first eligible record if it encounters warning message.


For additional information including the objects updated, bugs listed, and links to the Update Center ESUs, see our document E1: 49: Freight Update (R4981) Revised to Continue Processing When a Warning Message is Encountered (Doc ID 2366807.1).

Ever wondered how useful and convenient it would be if the citizen developers can add the required row or form exits themselves in web client rather than depending on the developer to do it in Form Design Aid (FDA)? Yes! you can do it now! Starting with, we can add form and row exits in a form within the form extension framework in web client. These exits can then be associated with form interconnects to access the required target forms.


Though it might not be a perfect use case, we will be adding a row exit in Customer Service Inquiry (P4210|W4210E) to call Work With Item Master Browse (P4101|W4101E) for demonstration.


To start with, access the form extension manager in P4210|W4210E. Form Extension Manager has a new Manage Exits button as shown below:


Clicking on Manage Exits button opens up the below Mange Exits wizard. Here you can select Form or Row as required. In this example, we are going to select Row and then going to add a new row exit named Item Master under the existing Item row exit.


Expand the arrow next to Item and click on the Add button. Here you can give the exit name which we are giving as Item Master. Then click on the Configure Exit gear to open up the wizard to define the form interconnection.


In the Associate Form Interconnect screen, define the application name, form name, version name and the display mode for the form interconnection. Here we have defined P4101|W4101E|XJDEB0001 with Popup option. Then click Next button.


In the next screen, you can define the inputs for the form interconnect data structure. You can click on the Mapping Input field for a specific data structure member and then select the required field from the parent application to map. Here we are clicking on Mapping Input for szIdentifier2ndItem(LITM) and mapping it with 2nd Item Number grid column from P4210|W4210E. You can also hard-code the value by entering a specific value in Input Value column. Click Save. Then save the form extension.


Now we have a new row exit called Item Master in P4210|W4210E.


Accessing that row exit for a specific grid row brings up the corresponding item in Item Master screen as a popup window.



  • As this is an additional feature within form extension, the required users need to have the view security for the corresponding form extension to see these additional exits added
  • The input fields in the form interconnect definition are coming from the form data structure for the specific target form. You cannot add any additional fields here using this feature
  • Mapping the specific input fields does not guarantee that the same value will be populated in the target form as this depends on how the target form is designed in FDA


Additional Resources:

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Reader.pngThis new KM document provides an example parsing JSON to set output variables (data set variable) using Groovy. Doc ID 2667935.1.

Reader.pngThis new KM document explains changes made to the Batch Booking Flag Processing Option in the Direct Debit UBE (R743005). Doc ID 2667262.1.

NEW.pngAnnouncing #JDEdwards EnterpriseOne Tools Release which includes Orchestrator enhancements, improvements in user experience and support for Oracle Autonomous Database.

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